Some good signs, too |

Some good signs, too

Don Rogers

The flu is down and travel plans are up for the holidays.

The Dow has hit 10,000 and rising. The economy is looking bright. Local real estate activity of late is reflecting all that. The snow is falling often and heavy enough to open nearly all the ski terrain before Christmas.

Vail Resorts leaders are feeling bullish. Those infamous first quarter losses were on par with last year’s but beat expectations, and VR’s stock price rose nicely.

Ryan and Trista’s top-rated TV show of a wedding has rained a ton of happy attention on all things Vail.

And Saddam Hussein was captured. Suddenly, there’s hope for Iraq and a president’s re-election hopes along with it.

Now even those few prickly Vail merchants who complained for the better part of the past year about Front Range skiers – and their cars – apparently have figured out that maybe it’s not such a great idea to bite a hand that feeds them.

Gas prices have conveniently dropped to their lowest prices in 11 months. The local schools have taken a step up on the state’s scale for quality. All the freeway interchanges have been completed – hey, don’t laugh; there was some question for awhile.

Things keep going on this happy path and the out-of-state visitors will rebuild their numbers, Lionshead and Vail Village will finally have their renaissance, and the Broncos might even make the playoffs this year.

There’s still plenty to complain about, to be sure, but for the moment that long list is a little shorter. Look out, next snowboarders and skiers will have nice things to say about each other.

There’s yet hope.