Some homeowners for Middle Creek |

Some homeowners for Middle Creek

Don Rogers

We were greeted Tuesday morning with several phone messages agreeing with our cranky column Monday about the poverty of the arguments against the Middle Creek affordable housing proposal.

Nope, nary a one disagreeing with the commentary. We’ll have to wait for the next Tipsline or set of letters for that.

A couple of the calls came from Vail Village homeowners who said they were appalled at the opposition to Middle Creek and appreciated support for the project.

We have yet to hear from any “working” folk who are against the proposal or opposition from anyone else who might actually use the housing or day-care center. Outside of some Spraddle Creek property owners and the advocacy wing of the Vail Village Homeowners Association, the anti-Middle Creek ranks strike us as somewhat thin. Of course, we are biased in our opinion about the project, seeing it as we do as the right place at the right time and as great a need as Vail has right now.

We also recognize Vail Resorts has pooh-poohed the size of the project, along with noting they bid a bigger project than this one at the site and as competitors with the developer should be taken with a bit more of a grain of salt than usual.

Still, they and the homeowners association make up quite a lobbying force, for good and for otherwise. This time it’s for otherwise. We don’t doubt their intention to do what seems to be the right thing – we just know they are wrong, both in the compelling arguments to get this complex built and in the poverty of reason in the objections flung against it thus far.

We also realize they have a great chance in succeeding with this bid to thwart the project.

So what can the people who recognize this for the right step it is do? In short, make some noise. Write letters to the editor, call the Tipsline (328-TIPS), write and talk to town leaders on the Vail Town Council, attend meetings of the town’s planning commission and design board. Come to upcoming Town Council meetings. Yes, it’s a lot of work, and the homeowners group is pretty sure you won’t go to the effort. Who knows if they are correct, but there is a course of action you can take if you see the need to step up to it.

Left to the paid lobbyists, the outcome is tilted. Make no mistake about that. Still, if we are getting calls from Vail Village homeowners supporting the project, we’re pretty sure the need for Middle Creek is well understood by most who care deeply about Vail’s vibrant future. D.R.

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