Some of alleged victim’s medical records mistakenly released |

Some of alleged victim’s medical records mistakenly released

Those records found their way into the hands of Bryant’s defense attorneys as part of a normal exchange of information, said district attorney’s spokeswoman Krista Flannigan.

Flannigan said that when personnel from Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs were compiling information from the alleged victim’s rape kit examination, they inadvertently included records from an earlier hospital visit in that package.

Flannigan says her office subpoenaed the examination medical records from Valley View Hospital. She says her office also received records from an earlier visit. Flannigan won’t give any indication of when or why the accuser made the earlier visit.

Flannigan said the district attorney’s office complied with the hospital’s request to return the mistakenly released records, and destroy any copies.

Flannigan said she doesn’t know if Bryant’s defense attorneys have done the same.

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