Some other poll questions for Vail Daily to ask |

Some other poll questions for Vail Daily to ask

Buddy Doll
Vail, CO, Colorado

The Vail Daily has sponsored polls on everything from “About Eagle County’s plans to design a new logo?” to “How many times will you ski this season?”

Now, I’m not saying those issues aren’t important, but if you will have a look you will see that there are some lengthy and passionate debates going on in your paper re:

1) Illegal immigrants reaping the benefits of our social welfare and school systems.

2) Whether ERS is a benefit or a bust for Eagle. 3) How best to fund the local infrastructure repairs that are so desperately needed, etc.

I feel that a poll on any one or all of these issued would be a great help to the local authorities and politicians, both aspiring and incumbent, to figure out just which way the wind is blowing in Eagle County.

From what I read it has already been well established that the majority of the local populace aren’t very happy with the way the county commissioners are spending money without sufficient input from the public.

Let’s have a poll on the real issues affecting the person on the street, and publish the results in your hard copy of the Vail Daily. Some of us might not like the results, but I think everyone must agree that it would be very enlightening and might even have an effect on which way some of the politicians jump on certain issues.

Buddy Doll


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