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Some random thoughts

Butch Mazucca

Shortly after the 25-member Governing Council was appointed in Iraq, the head of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, questioned the U.S.-appointed council’s legitimacy when he said, “If this council was elected, it would have gained much power and credibility.” This is from the leader of an organization in which not one of its 22 member states has elected a leader in a free and fair election. Is it any wonder why dealing with the Arab world is so difficult?

Life is about keeping agreements. Think about some of our everyday frustrations: the computer manufacturer that makes it extraordinarily difficult to actually receive their rebate offer, the service technician who shows up four hours late, or the merchant who returns at 2 when the sign in the window says, “back at 1:45.”

How many marriages are unsuccessful because one party or the other failed to keep the agreements made on their wedding day? How many problems at the office are due to someone failing to keep an agreement? And when our kids “get into trouble,” it’s usually involves a failed agreement, like being home by curfew.

Ninety-five percent of the problems we face as human beings could be eliminated if people just kept their agreements.

Sydney J. Harris once wrote, “People who have class never say the word.” The same can be said of ideologues, only in the obverse. It’s the ideologues who use the term when denigrating those who have differing opinions.

Here’s a great tip for a lasting marriage: Two times a week couples should go to a nice restaurant, have a little wine, some good food, and companionship. The wife should go on Tuesdays and the husband on Fridays.

If you think white Americans owe reparations to black Americans as a result of slavery, then you may also agree with Egyptian law professor Nabil Hilmi, who is preparing a lawsuit against Jews all over the earth for stealing gold, silver, clothing and cooking utensils during the “greatest collective fraud in history.” When did this crime occur? About 3,300 years ago, when Moses led the enslaved Jews out of Egypt.

Urban legends are fun to read. At times they are interesting and usually have some basis in fact. However, some are outright dangerous, to wit: There is a rather ugly e-mail now circulating the country linking Hillary Clinton with the Black Panther movement in 1969. Without going into detail, the e-mail, which allegedly comes from Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story,” attributes some rather nefarious actions on the part of Hillary Clinton.

The e-mail purports that Hillary Clinton supported Black Panther murderer Warren Kimbo and orchestrated demonstrations that shut down Yale University. The e-mail closes by stating that “this deserves the widest possible press, remember it if and when Hillary runs for president.”

Sometimes urban legends are interesting, but this one is vile and distorts the truth. I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but if one is to characterize her as an unconscionable leftist, then at least allow the allegations to be based upon historical fact and not pulp fiction.

Consider the following: What does “We shouldn’t steal books from the library” mean? Does it mean that we shouldn’t steal books from the library, but other people can; or does it mean we shouldn’t steal books from the library, but we can borrow them; or does it mean that we can’t steal books but we can steal other stuff; or that we shouldn’t steal books from the library but we can steal them from elsewhere?

When several interpretations are possible from an argument, we must accept the one that makes the strongest argument, which is little more than viewing things with an open mind.

Between 1992 and 2000, 800,000 personnel were eliminated from our armed forces. The Army was reduced from 18 divisions to 10; the Air Force lost half its fighter wings, including 2,000 combat aircraft; and the Navy experienced a similar reduction. Many Americans may not realize that one reason we’re having problems rotating troops home from Iraq is that we lack the necessary replacements.

Using the last Olympic medal count as a barometer, Australia is the most athletic nation on earth, followed closely by Cuba. Each won one medal per 300,000 plus people. The U.S. was 18th with one medal per 2,900,000 people.

Quote of the day: “Nothing we wear makes as much difference as the expression on our faces.”

Butch Mazzuca, a real estate broker and ski instructor for the Vail Ski School, writes a weekly column for the Daily. E-mail him at

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