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Some vision

Kristi Ferraro

Citizens of the Vail Valley beware! The Village at Avon is trying to defile our slopes. Apparently it’s not enough to put big box commercial development on our valley floor where it can be somewhat hidden.

The Village at Avon developer now wants to put 15 acres of boxy commercial buildings on the hills north of the new Wm. J. Post Boulevard exit, where it can be seen from miles around. The 15 acre site proposed for commercial development is on a bench overlooking I-70, at least 20 feet off of the highway level.

Picture a four-story, flat front, budget hotel looming up to 48 feet above ground level and 68 feet above the highway. Next to the hotel is a convenience store, gas station and a Quizno’s sandwich shop. The 15 acres will include a lot more boxy retail stores as well.

This is the vision extolled by the developer, but the picture that is coming to mind is worse than a generic highway exit in Highlands Ranch or Aurora, because it is built on this mountain overlooking the Town of Avon. Because of its prominent location on the hillside, the lights from this commercial development would be seen from most of the valley floor, from Whiskey Hill and from many locations in Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, Mountain Star and Wildridge. Moreover, we will lose our view up that beautiful gulch of aspen trees behind the new exit.

If you don’t want to see our community defiled in this way, come to the Avon Town Council meeting at 5:30 on Tuesday, Oct. 14, in the Avon Town headquarters. Tell the council that commercial development should stay in the valley floor.

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