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Something about red

Cassie Pence
Shane Macomber/Vail DailyAE Collaboritve

The influence of colors on the human psyche has been well known since the dawn of first civilizations. Red packs a punch, symbolizing both life and death.Gallery director Simone Fodde-Crotzer at The Collaborative in Eagle-Vail called upon her artists to create in red. The Collaborative hosts “Something About Red,” an art exhibition, for most of August. There is a reception today from 4-8 p.m.

“Red is creativity. It is the color of blood, death, resurrection – the natural organic cycle,” Fodde-Crotzer said.Red, Fodde-Crotzer said while dressed head to toe in the color, fully engages you into that natural process. It is the color of frustration or the fire that keeps us alive.

The art created for the exhibition reflects the color in many hues and many forms. Kevin Krasnoff, an abstract expressionist who is known for his impressionistic aspens, has painted fiery fall aspens with red leaves gently dancing across the canvas and onto the forest floor.Allison Stewart, a fairly new artist for The Collaborative but widely shown in Aspen, painted “Earthly Delights,” featuring vibrant red poppies. Stewart is an ecological artist; having grow up in Louisiana, she has a penchant for the endangered wetlands. She designs in a highly thinned, oil- based paint. The gauche gives her flowers a very reflective quality. She often incorporates geometric shapes into her layered works, representing man’s infringement on nature.

Lover of red Dodi Klutznick is featured in the exhibit, as well as Nancy Volpe, whose organization and chaos balance her many-layered compositions. Aryana Londir from Arizona has created intricate mixed-media pieces, using mostly blown glass, in the exhibition’s hue.For more information on The Collaborative or “Something About Red,” contact Fodde-Crotzer at 949-4ART.

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