Something for the prepared mountain driver |

Something for the prepared mountain driver

Terri Schlichenmeyer

Winter’s coming.

Perhaps that makes you sigh. Can’t do a thing about it. Might as well just accept it and go hunting for the shovel.

Or maybe those two little words make you smile. Can’t wait to get outside and go hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, or sledding.

If you’re going to be outside for any reason this winter – whether its for sports, adventure, or even just for driving into the next town – pick up a copy of “Build the Perfect Survival Kit,” by John D. McCann. It could literally make the difference between life and death.

Imagine that there’s a white-out and you’re on the road, traveling. Are you prepared if your car goes in a ditch or ravine? “Build the Perfect Survival Kit” will tell you what you need to survive while being stuck in a car during the coldest weather. Common sense tells you that carrying a blanket in the backseat is warranted, but you might be surprised at some of the other things that McCann suggests. Who ever thinks they might need a saw in the car?

Let’s say you’re out hunting and you finally got that big buck. You have to drag him out of the woods. So why would you want to drag a survival kit into the woods in the first place? McCann tells you how you can build a survival kit of any size, and how to get maximum use out of the materials you pack into even the littlest container. McCann also, by the way, tells you how to choose the best container for your survival kit.

And how do you decide between different kinds of products, anyhow? Does it really matter if you pack one kind of product over another? Do you really need a lightstick and candles and matches and a flashlight? McCann explains the advantages of packing extra survival supplies, and helps you choose if you’re planning on packing small. There are also lots of black and white pictures in this book, so you can clearly see what you need to purchase.

Other than the obvious instructions that are included, “Build the Perfect Survival Kit” also offers other information that can help you survive a disaster. Every few pages there are fast facts or tips to help you with your kit, or to help you stay safe while on the road or adventure.

Most helpful is the appendix at the end, which gives you a nice checklist so it’s easy to pack what you need, quickly. Also included are addresses, phone numbers and websites of suppliers so you can get those hard-to-find items; and lists of survival schools for those who are truly serious about their adventures.

Whether you’re a fan of extreme sports or just like to walk in the woods, if you’re a driver or merely someone who wants to be prepared, pick up a copy of “Build the Perfect Survival Kit”. With this book and a little advance planning, you’ll raise your chances of being a survivor anywhere.

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