Something short of a monopoly |

Something short of a monopoly

Don Rogers

No competition? Are you kidding? The Daily has way more competition than your typical smalltown daily newspaper in America.True, the Daily Trail is long gone. But we still have plenty of rivals even in newsprint alone. You won’t find many communities with two competing weeklies in the same market. Having our parent company also own the Vail Trail and Eagle Valley Enterprise actually makes the news gathering more competitive, not less so. Before, we could take them out. Now, we have to give our sister news staffs room to carve out their niches. And they’d like nothing better than to have our lunch while they’re at it.Some small dailies do have a metropolitan paper in the area to occasionally do stories about their community. We have two metros with reporters devoted to covering our area. And there must be more magazines in the Vail Valley per capita than anywhere this side of Manhattan.How many small towns have a handful of local television and radio stations in addition to the paper? How many have big city broadcasters with ears tuned carefully to news from their town?We’re hardly the only paper in town, the only thing locally to read, the only place to buy advertising, any of that.On top of that, readers are fickle. If an astounding 91 percent of them are picking up the Daily, it’s because they made a choice. Alas, we don’t really get to hold a gun to their heads.Vail, Colorado

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