Something special to see |

Something special to see

Don Rogers

While it’s true we Americans see skiing much more as something to do than something to watch – unlike, say, the Europeans who view World Cup skiers as sports gods – having all four disciplines of alpine races at Beaver Creek is something special.You don’t even have to know the names or have European reverence for these guys to be wowed by their athleticism and sheer speed on the Birds of Prey course.Today and Sunday present great opportunities to take a little time from skiing or boarding yourself to check out the World Cup experience. Today, the giant slalom first run begins at 11, and the second run is at 2 p.m. Sunday has the same times for the first and second runs of the slalom.The parties in the “APrey” Tent at Beaver Creek shouldn’t be so bad, either. They run from 2 to 7 p.m. each day.One blessing of the lack of fanaticism for the athletes here is they are more approachable as they relax in Beaver Creek’s village, or so organizers say. Easy enough to judge for yourself.Surprise!Living three miles up a dirt road along Eby Creek isn’t exactly the first place you’d think of encountering a pair of car-jackers who are thoroughly out of their minds.Imagine Susie Kincade and Mark Chapin’s surprise at the two dopes trying to swipe Kincade’s daugher’s car and get in the house the other night after stealing and wrecking two other cars on I-70 from Wolcott west to Eagle – each time from Samaritan motorists trying to help them.Strange doesn’t even begin to describe the experience. Vail, Colorado

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