Songwriter Trevor Hall performs in Vail |

Songwriter Trevor Hall performs in Vail

Sarah Mausolf
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

VAIL, Colorado ” Trevor Hall should be freaked out by Vail. I mean, last time he tried to perform here, he got altitude sickness and wound up in the emergency room.

Luckily, one little trip to the E.R. isn’t about to stop the 22-year-old songwriter from rocking the Sandbar Sports Grill in West Vail.

He brings his unique brand of acoustic rock to the bar tonight. At the tender age of 22, the South Carolina native already has a few albums under his belt. He released an acoustic CD titled “This is Blue” this past fall, and recently recorded a full-band album with Matisyahu. Hall spoke to the Vail Daily from a rest stop in “the middle of nowhere” (a.k.a. Moab, Utah.)

1. Vail Daily: How did you get into song writing?

Trevor Hall: I started playing guitar when I was maybe 12 or 13. After school, I would just come home and try to learn songs and then I would just start writing my own songs for fun. I started sharing it with people and it just took off from there. It was a good way to express myself and it was kind of like therapy for getting through high school.

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2. VD: What happened on your 16th birthday?

TH: For my 16th birthday, my dad let me record a CD. Then we printed up a bunch of CDs and sold them to friends and family and one of my dad’s friends lived in L.A. and he sent them to him and he ended up getting this show in L.A. for fun and that’s when things really kind of took off.

3. VD: Tell me about the tattoo on your neck.

TH: It’s Sanskrit and it says ‘ma,’ like mother, divine mother. I got that for my 18th birthday. Actually my dad took me to get that against his wishes …

I’m really influenced by yogic philosophy and I really love the divine mother, so I got the tattoo on my neck.

4. VD: You have been to India twice. What did you do there?

TH: I went with a couple monks from a temple in California. We traveled there and we went on a pilgrimage to all these holy places and we stayed there for a while, and I was there for a month and then the second time I went on my 21st birthday by myself for about two weeks.

5. VD: What artist is on heavy rotation on your iPod right now?

TH: The artist that’s on heavy rotation is Matisyahu because he just gave me his new album that isn’t out yet. It doesn’t come out for the another two months, so I’ve been enjoying listening to it when nobody else has it.

6. VD: What kind of work have you been doing with Matisyahu?

TH: I’ve toured with him a lot and we became really good friends. He asked me to come out to New York and write songs with him for his new record, which is out, I think, April 21. So I flew out there and wrote three or four songs with him, and some of them will be on his new record, and one of them is on his EP that’s out right now. The song is called “I Will be Light.” And then recently, before I left to go on tour, he flew out to California to sing on my new record… he’s been kind of like a big brother to me.

7. VD: Your song “Other Ways” is on the “Shrek the Third” album. When you wrote that song, did you have an animated ogre in mind?

TH: I did not have an animated ogre in mind. That song was inspired by a relationship that I was in and then it kinda took on another theme. I did not expect it to be in Shrek three at all. I wasn’t thinking of an ogre, no. I had never even seen a Shrek, I don’t think. When the song came out on Shrek three, we watched the other two Shreks before going to see Shrek three.

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