Sooner State’s hottest bachelor goes from Keystone to Cosmo |

Sooner State’s hottest bachelor goes from Keystone to Cosmo

Jennifer Harper
Special to the Daily/Kristin Skvorc Chris Sorensen, left, Oklahoma's most-eligible bachelor according to Cosmopolitan magazine, stands outside the River Run Gondola while co-worker Chris McGee jokingly hugs his arm Tuesday in Keystone.

KEYSTONE – A bare-chested Chris Sorensen might be the wallpaper for your computer’s desktop, but he wasn’t always the source of such Internet lust.The 24-year-old Keystone lift operator’s recent fame came from being named Cosmopolitan magazine’s hottest bachelor in Oklahoma for 2005. Sorensen’s sister entered him in the contest while he was in Australia this summer. He got the e-mail from Cosmopolitan that he was the winner for Oklahoma and promptly deleted it, thinking the e-mail was a joke. Eventually his sister put him in touch with Cosmopolitan, letting him know it was legitimate.”I was like, ‘What, was it me and one other guy?'” he said. “I guess they go through something like a million people.”

The Cosmo representative sent over the contract the next day, and Sorensen was on his way to gracing the magazine’s pages. However, he wasn’t about to concede the rest of his time in Australia to come back for a photo shoot.”I wouldn’t do it, but they said, ‘We really want you, so you can just do it when you get back,'” he said.Sorensen, who also considers himself a model, had one of his friends take the photos when he returned in July. Once the magazine came out Oct. 12, he had to make the rounds with the other bachelors in New York to E! Entertainment Television and “Live with Regis and Kelly.”But the attention didn’t end once he got back to Keystone.

“I actually had two girls (from Arkansas) come through the lift line and ask, ‘Are you in Cosmo?'” he said. Since the magazine included an e-mail address for Chris with his photo and profile, which can also be viewed online at, Sorensen has also received quite a bit of attention in his inbox.”I had a girl from Russia want to fly me out to meet her parents … and I get a lot of 16-year-old girls sending me their photos. I’m like, ‘Great, go date someone in high school,'” he said. “I’ve also had girls say that it’s fate that they saw me in a magazine, and they think that we should be together. … I mean, they read five lines about me.”All of those ladies may be disappointed to find out that Sorensen already has a girlfriend, Gemma, who also works at Keystone.

Not all the attention he got was entirely positive (or creepy), though.”I get a lot of heckling from the guys at work about it,” he said.Some of the taunting may stem from the question-and-answer profile accompanying Sorensen’s picture in the magazine.”Some of the questions were really weird. I didn’t know how to answer some of them,” he said.

“What turns you on in a girl?” (“A nice smile is very sexy,”) and “What are three things you can’t live without?” (“My e-mail, chocolate milk and friends,”) were just a couple of the inquiries on the questionnaire.Sorensen is originally from Tulsa, Okla., and this is his second season of making sure the public gets on the mountain safely at Keystone.”I think it’s really exciting to have one of Cosmo’s most eligible bachelors here at Keystone,” said resort spokeswoman Amy Kemp, adding that all of Sorensen’s coworkers call him “Mr. Oklahoma.” “He has a great personality, and he’s great with all of our guests, especially the female ones.”Kemp added that the resort is especially happy to have Sorensen on board since he called his position at Keystone his “dream job” in the magazine.”I love it here. The best decision I ever made in my entire life was coming here,” Sorensen said.

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