Soothing away life’s stresses, illnesses |

Soothing away life’s stresses, illnesses

Connie Steiert

GYPSUM – When Linda Miller was looking for a way to supplement her teaching job several years ago, she had no idea that massage therapy would be so life altering for her – and for her clients.Like many people, Miller originally believed massage was merely something one used to relax from stress or relieve tension and tight muscles. Indeed, she found, it is all that. But massage therapy, at least the techniques Miller has studied over the past decade and uses in her practice, Massage by Miller, can do far more. From relieving headaches to easing digestion to treating sinus problems and healing injuries, massage therapy can make a difference in many people’s lives, Miller says.Working for Edwards Elementary School alternately as a teacher’s assistant and a kindergarten, music and technology teacher for 13 years, Miller, like many teachers, found her pay did not always go as far as she needed.”I was needing some extra income and looking for something different – I needed to change my life,” says Miller, who lives in Gypsum. With a background as both an aerobics instructor for 15 years and as a bodybuilder, Miller says she had always been interested in human physiology. And she found satisfaction working with and helping peo-

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