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Sorry, Charlie

Wednesday night, the acronym for Vail’s trendy fuBar stood for &quotFans Unbelievably Bummed About Ryan.&quot But for the past six weeks, fuBar, the local headquarters for ABC’s Bachelorette, stood for &quotFrenetically Up-Beat About Ryan.&quotLike pulling for your local sports team, one would think fuBar’s clientelle would have been pulling for Ryan Sutter, the Vail firefighter who made the finals of the reality show, but after Bachelorette Trista Rehn chose Sutter over a California account executive in the show’s finale, the mood at fuBar was decidedly stunned – and somewhat morose.The results of the show seemed to come as a complete and nearly unanimous shock, as Trista Rehn went with her heart and selected the former University of Colorado football player turned hot tub poet, taking a pass on Charlie, a smooth-talking account executive from Hermosa Beach, Calif.”It’s too bad she picked (Ryan),” said Vail local Sara Carlson. “He looks so cool, and she looks really lame and annoying. I feel bad for him.”Her friend Katie Zworka was even more blunt: “Married and divorced in a year,” she said of Sutter’s proposal and Rehn’s acceptance. “Dude, she ain’t moving here.”In a highly unscientific survey of the show’s fans who have been gathering at fuBar for the past six week’s, virtually no one thought Rehn, a former Miami Heat cheerleader from California who was the runner-up in the original Bachelor TV show, would go for the more mellow, mountain man vibe of Sutter, who briefly played professional football before injuring his shoulder and moving to Vail to fight fires.Sutter had been holding court at the trendy subterranean fuBar the last few weeks, and his presence was sorely missed Wednesday night (he was reportedly staying in a hotel in New York with Rehn).Those surveyed, to a woman, seemed to think Rehn would go for the money and the warmth of California’s beaches, and they all seemed shocked by her final choice, even though the show had already aired on the East Coast and the bartenders were knowingly winking about the final results.”He’s a Vaily,” Suzanne Gerdes of Edwards said of Sutter, “and there’s something about the way he is and what Trista is looking for. Charlie is Mr. L.A. and Mr. Sophistication. I’m amazed she (picked Ryan). But it’s a TV show, and what are the odds it will really work out?”Coat-check girl Carla Eldridge agreed that Rehn doesn’t seem suited for mountain life, and Vail’s laid-back lifestyle.”I don’t want to see her in town,” Eldridge said. “She’s ditzy, and I’m sure Vail will be fine without her. I just wish Hollywood would deal with it, and Vail wouldn’t have to. (Sutter) can go there, but we don’t need (Hollywood) here, and I don’t want to see Trista buying a cabin on (upscale) Potato Patch Road.”Even the males in attendance thought Charlie had the inside track.”I saw her going more for Charlie, the money, and she wouldn’t have to leave California,” said Sutter’s fellow firefighter, Reggie Black, who was hawking Vail Fire Department T-shirts for 20 bucks a pop. Black said, win or lose, he was sure Sutter would be glad to put the whole experience behind him. “It’s been a little hectic at the station, and I think it’s starting to get to him a little bit.”Now it seems the ride has just begun.

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