Sorry council, MTV’s the buzz |

Sorry council, MTV’s the buzz

Don Rogers

The new Vail Council is off to a bright, new start. Incumbents Farrow Hitt and Greg Moffet, along with new member Mark Gordon and councilman returning from hiatus Kevin Foley had their swearing in Tuesday. And then it was off to the Larkspur with Mayor Rod Slifer, Councilman Kent Logan and Councilwoman Kim Rotoulo, along with a knot of observers and fans in tow. The meeting after the meeting, as it were.Just you never mind the older gentleman who observed: “New faces and the same old issues. Some things never change.” Or something like that. Perhaps it’s true that newspaper editors are not the only ones who turn cynical with time.Cynical or not, here’s another truth: Far more people in Vail can tell you MTV is coming to town than the name of the mayor.George Oliphant and Jeremy Bloom already command more name recognition than the earnest residents who give up Tuesday nights and a lot more interesting reading than memos, ordinances and policies profoundly, if drily, shaping everyday life in Vail.Sorry, politicians short of president always come second to entertainers. Hitt, now mayor pro tem, has a chance to eclipse that natural law if only he can bring his band in to chambers to perform. (They actually are quite good, if you are into classic rock.)……………………………………Election turnout was a record for Vail municipal elections, which are held in off years, to clarify a point made last week in this space. Vail, Colorado

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