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‘Sorry dear, I got hung up’

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

A number of years ago, we used to have two chairlifts that carried guests up to the Warm Springs side of the mountain.One chair started at the bottom and ended approximately halfway up, while a second chair continued the rest of the way to the top. Between the two chairs, there was a flat recessed area in the mountain where a high, plastic, webbed fence prevented people from gaining too much speed.Typically, skiers would offload the lower chair, ski a short distance to the left and then load the second chair that was generally plagued with a long waiting line.On this particular day, a man and his wife were skiing down from the top with the man skiing slightly ahead. In an attempt to catch up to her husband, the wife hit the flat area with too much speed and flew into the webbed fence, getting tangled upside down, dangling over the steep slope below. The more she tried to free herself, the more she became tangled in the netting. She yelled at her husband for assistance, but the loud noise of the chairlift engine drowned out her pleas.While all of this was going on, the husband stood a mere 10 yards downhill unaware that his wife was dangling precariously overhead. Expecting her to be close behind him, he grew angrier by the minute as he waited for his tardy wife. To pass the time, he pulled out a cigar and continued to seethe over his lost time on the slopes. Fed up with waiting for his wife to catch up, the man finished his cigar and pushed off for the bottom. A few minutes later, a group of skiers finally heard the woman’s screams over the loud chairlift engine and managed to lower her to safety. With that, the unharmed woman skied off in pursuit of her husband.When she finally caught up to her husband, he was fuming over the valuable skiing time that they lost. “Where were you?” he ranted.”I’m sorry, dear. I got hung up.”- Cleve Johnson, Sun Valley, Idaho

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