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Sound Tribe remixed

VAIL – Atlanta used to be the main stomping grounds for Sound Tribe Sector 9, but the band has made its impact with so many other cities and people by now, that it’s grown more difficult to honestly say that the band hails from one specific place anymore.The fellas have been up in the studio for most of the summer, assembling a new remix album of 15 tracks off of their most recent release, “Artifact.” The new album is to be called “Artifact: Perspectives,” and it’s scheduled to be released sometime this October. The LP features remixes that include the creative influence of such artists as corner-stone bassist Bill Laswell, underground hip-hop mogul Mr. Lif, Richard Devine, Slicker, Karsh Kale, Machine Drum, Genetic and varied list of other musicians and sound technicians.”It’s a balance and extension of ‘Artifact,'” said STS9’s guitar and computer maestro Hunter Brown.Brown and crew are stoked to play Vail and Red Rocks these next two days. In Vail, the band will play a relatively traditional, all-night, full-on Sector 9 show, which consists of lights, inspired music and 8150 might even get to see a few more artists, but not necessarily musicians.STS9 is especially stoked to be playing at Red Rocks with their own gear for the first time. The band’s played the legendary music venue twice before, and both times on such short notice that most of the guys had to rent foreign equipment.Brown explains that he is a music lover first, and the progressive nature of his band’s experience proves his integrity. STS9 has continually expanded the possibilities for the sounds and spectacles created at modern music gatherings.”I couldn’t live without music every day,” says Brown. “Every moment is dedicated to the love and continuity of music. I feel so good and blessed to be with a band that’s so open and free and constantly evolving. I’m humbled every time at a live show. I just have to do it (make music). Whatever happens, tomorrow I’ll still try and find a way to make noise.”I was always looking for something, and music and artists did that for me. It’s a bunch of words that I’m using to describe how I have to get up in the morning and express myself to the day.”Aside from certain special summer dates, like Lallapalooza in Chicago, the band members have been able to pursue individual pursuits for much of the summer. Bassist David Murphy picked up a new motorcycle, Brown’s been drawing and playing a new acoustic guitar, percussionist Jefree Lerner bought a new place where the band can jam loud as it wants all of the time and keyboardist David Phipps lives down the street from Brown and they work on new beats and sounds most days.”We’re all free to play what we wanna play. It’s like a conversation; you say what you wanna say and I listen and respond. I see people singing, rapping, with hands in the air, scowling, whatever,” said Brown. “There’s nothing we’re trying to do to people. This is the way we feel and live. You gotta do the things you really feel and mean, no matter what.”Sound Tribe Sector 9 hits the stage at approximately 10 p.m. Friday at 8150 in Vail. Vail, Colorado

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