SourceGas announces rate cut beginning Thursday |

SourceGas announces rate cut beginning Thursday

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EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – Natural gas users in the western end of the valley will see their rates drop, SourceGas announced this week.

SourceGas told the Colorado Public Utilities Commission that natural gas bills will be 5.16 percent less beginning next month. The reduction will continue through next year.

Two distribution companies provide natural gas to the valley. SourceGas serves the western end and Xcel energy serves the eastern end. The boundary falls in the Edwards area.

Xcel customers could also see rates drop, if the precedent of the last two years continues this year, a company spokesman said Monday.

“We have had gas cost adjustments the past two years and the rates have dropped,” said Xcel’s Gabriel Romero.

Xcel files one rate request per year with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. It rolls around in November, Romero said.

For residential customers on the Western Slope, the SourceGas math works out like this:

You’ll pay $0.8830 per therm. The average home uses 97 therms per month. The typical household will now pay an average of about $98.09 per month for natural gas, instead of about $103.43.

Your January gas bill is typically the highest when Western Slope customers use an average of 198 therms. You’ll pay approximately $187.27, a decrease of about $10.89, or approximately 5.50 percent, for your January 2013 bill.

Small business customers typically use 261 therms in January and will pay approximately $242.89 in January 2013, a decrease of about $14.36.

SourceGas offers energy audits, rebates on equipment and insulation, a program for residential income-qualified customers, and a custom program for larger commercial and industrial gas customers.

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