Spa Anjali in Avon adds Chakra Blessings treatments to menu |

Spa Anjali in Avon adds Chakra Blessings treatments to menu

AVON — Spa Anjali at The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek Mountain is now offering Chakra Blessing treatments, a unique collection of ancient rituals designed to help clear negativity, balance energy and create an optimal state of well-being.

Chakras refer to the centers of power or energy in the body. The body’s seven main chakras sit at the intersection of the energy channels that run along the spinal column and offer connection to areas within the body that may need extra attention or balance. The focus of Spa Anjali’s Chakra Blessings is to remove energy blocks, which may be the cause of real pain, and to align the energy centers to promote a feeling of wholeness.

The three Chakra Blessings now offered at Spa Anjali are:

‘Down to Earth Blessing’

Muladhara, the “Down to Earth Blessing.” Muladhara, the root chakra, is located at the base of the spine and is the foundation of the chakra system. It relates to our basic needs, our sense of security and survival. It is best to focus on the first chakra when you are stressed, traveling or feeling overwhelmed.

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The treatment combines a foot wash, frankincense smoke, Tibetan singing bowls and a slow, relaxing massage with grounding oils of vetiver, ginger, patchouli and jatamansi. This treatment induces a deep sense of stillness that will leave you feeling ready to take on the world. The cost is $235 for 100 minutes.

‘Shine from Within Blessing’

Manipura is the “Shine from Within Blessing.” Manipura means “beautiful, shining jewel” in Sanskrit and refers to the naval chakra, or center of fire and sun energy that ignites our health and vitality. This elevating treatment floods the body with vital energy and inner warmth. It includes a detoxifying foot and body scrub, bio-energy mud wrap, marma point massage, lymphatic drainage and placement of Himalayan poultices to harness and restore inner radiance and positive feelings, renew strength and health. The cost is $235 for 100 minutes.

‘Peace of Mind Blessing’

Ajna is the “Peace of Mind Blessing.” Ajna, the third eye chakra, is located in the center of the forehead. Responsible for spiritual insight, it also deals with perception, intuition, imagination, concentration and peace of mind. This treatment will detoxify the body with a blissful soak, energize and balance chakras through the sacred pouring of warm oil and induce a meditative state by focusing on specific marma points of the face using “light” technique, and finishing with the shirodhara — a warm stream of oil over the forehead, leaving your soul feeling aware and balanced. The cost is $225 for 90 minutes.

Since opening in 2008, Spa Anjali has offered an extensive treatment menu focusing on three healing mountain traditions — the Rockies, Alps and Himalayas. As part of its expanded Himalayan Journey, Spa Anjali also now offers a Kundalini back treatment, a Abhyanga massage, an Indian head massage and acupuncture. Visit for details on each.

Award-winning spa

All of the Spa Anjali Chakra Blessings are performed using ILA Spa products, organic handmade luxury skincare products from the finest, ethically sourced, natural plant and mineral ingredients.

Spa Anjali was named one of Organic Spa Magazine’s “Top 10 Green Spas for 2013” and ranked No. 8 on the “Top 100 U.S. Resort Spas” list for 2013 by Conde Nast Traveler.

Located inside Beaver Creek’s Silver LEED certified Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa, the 27,000 square-foot Spa Anjali also features a full-service salon, a spa boutique and access to the resort’s saline-based outdoor pool and three riverside hot tubs. Spa Anjali is also home to the state-of-the-art Athletic Club, which recently completed a $1 million expansion, including three new studio spaces and the Howard Head Sports Medicine Clinic. The Athletic Club offers an extensive schedule of daily group exercise classes, including pilates, yoga, cycling, zumba and kickboxing, as well as special fitness programs and workshops.

To book an appointment at Spa Anjali, call 970-790-3020 or visit

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