Sparking their artistic side in Vail |

Sparking their artistic side in Vail

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado
NWS Week of the Arts 3 DT 5-6-09

VAIL, Colorado ” The students at Vail Mountain School proved they’re looking for the same things in life that most adults hope for ” things like trust, respect, love, integrity and happiness.

Vail Mountain School celebrated its annual Day of the Arts Wednesday, part of the school’s Week of the Arts program. From live performances to workshops in pottery, painting and jewelry, the students are spending the week getting a well-rounded taste of creativity found through art.

The Day of the Arts was full of workshops where students learned a variety of artistic lessons, one of them being an exercise called “the core values wall.”

Slade Cogswell, an art teacher and Vail Mountain School alum, had every student and teacher in the school write down a core value ” something personally important ” on two sides of a brick. The students then brought their bricks outside and built a small wall.

“A core value is something essential to your well being,” he said.

The exercise got the students thinking not only about what they value, but also about each other’s values, Cogswell said. The bricks symbolized the support the school’s students and teachers all provide for each other ” “every brick (in the wall) is supported by another,” he said.

Artistic creativity is something the school encourages and considers an important part of the curriculum, said Emily Tamberino, the school’s communication director. The Week of the Arts gives the students a chance to experience many different forms of art, and it hopefully sparks something in the kids, she said.

Sierra Brill, an eighth-grader, said she has enjoyed “learning different perspectives on everything through art.”

Sierra’s classmate Mike Wright rediscovered what he already knew ” that music was his art of choice. No classes or homework for the week also made it easier to like the rest of the art, he said.

Katie Dove, a junior, found relaxation in the mural-painting workshop Wednesday.

“This is so calming,” she said.

Edith Harris, who taught the jewelry-making workshop, found that students were expressing themselves with their creations.

“It’s interesting how much a person’s character comes out in the bracelet they make,” she said.

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