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Speaker at Vail event will discuss Asian policy challenges for Obama

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Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyJamie Metzl, the executive vice president of the Asia Society, will speak at Arrabelle at Vail Square on Tuesday for a Vail Symposium event.

VAIL, Colorado ” The Asia Society and Vail Symposium’s collaborative series continues Tuesday just in time to discuss Asian policy challenges for incoming President Barack Obama. Each season, the Symposium presents fresh voices on Asia, from selected officers, Bernard Schwartz Fellows and Asia 21 young leaders of the Asia Society.

The Asia Society is the premier international organization on Asian affairs and United States/Asia relations. Its 11 offices (five in the United States and six in Asia), provide meeting points for experts on Asia, where international challenges are being addressed and task force reports and roadmaps are generated, thus playing a critical role in Asia’s developments and global relationships. The Vail Symposium is the valley’s leading organization bringing world issues to the Vail community with year-round, thought-provoking programs. The marriage of these two organizations could not have happened in a more serendipitous manner.

A little more then two years ago, part-time Vail residents Doctors Kurt and Marilyn Metzl were at a Yom Kippur breakfast at B’nai Vail, when they met a woman they thought might be appropriate for one of their single sons. Although the “shidach” (matchmaking) didn’t work in one sense, that chance encounter between the parents of the executive vice president of the Asia Society ” Jamie Metzl ” and the executive director of Vail Symposium ” Fraidy Aber ” led to both the creation of a speaker series that has brought outstanding experts on Asia to the valley, and to a close friendship.

This Tuesday evening, the collaborative series continues, and will come full circle. Jamie Metzl, who has served on the National Security Council of the State Department, the United Nations in Cambodia, and as an unofficial Asia policy adviser to the Obama campaign, will speak on the Asian policy challenges facing the Obama administration. Aber will oversee her final event in her position and will hand the baton to the new Vail Symposium Director Carrie Marsh.

Metzl believes the revolutionary changes taking place in the world today could very well mean the end of the global post-war period. With Asia rising economically, culturally and politically, we are experiencing the birth pangs of a new world order in which 250 years of western domination is coming to an end.

“The financial crises of 2008, coupled with china’s enormous trade surplus, the discrediting of the United States as a result of Iraq, Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, could be the demarcation line where the Pax Americana ends and something else, yet to be defined, begins,” Metzl said.

How the Obama administration understands this global transformation and works actively to shape it and engage with it will have a monumental impact on how the 21st century plays out.

Metzl’s talk is one of a long line of Asia Society experts who have graced the valley in the last two years. Pramit Pal Chaldhuri and Sadhanand Dhume, both former Symposium presenters, were major international voices in helping the world understand the recent Bombay terrorist attacks.

Metzl has written two books on Asia, and appears regularly in the American and international media. At the Asia society he is responsible for overseeing the institution’s strategic directions and overall program activities globally. He developed and leads the Asia Society’s Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative, the pre-eminent Pan-Asia-Pacific leadership development program. Metzl is just back from Tokyo were he led the Asia 21 young leaders summit.

For more information about this program, or other upcoming Vail Symposium events, visit http://www.vailsymposium.org.

What: Jamie Metzl discusses Asia foreign policy challenges.

When: Tuesday. Meet and greet at 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m. lecture.

Where: Arrabelle at Vail Square.

Cost: $25 or $20 for Vail Symposium Contributors, includes complimentary appetizers; cash bar.

More information: Call 970-476-0954 or visit http://www.vailsymposium.org.

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