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Spelling matters

Christian Ferguson

I really appreciate your honesty when you state loosely that you live your life in a gray area in regard to the mystery of the unknowable. I think many of us find ourselves in a similar position, between the blacks and whites of our own faith-based religious traditions and the secular, materialistic scientific approach to understanding this ultimate reality, a reality you refer to as The Unknowable.

You start and end your opinion by describing the beautiful gift of life and how we lucky individuals who live in this area are surrounded by such glorious natural splendor: the stars at night, the Gore and Sawatch ranges.

I could not agree with you more! As a matter of fact, I think the majority of people that live in this area recognize this and are awed by it on a daily basis. I know that many of my friends, here and gone (Ride on Dave!) came to these mountains to commune with the natural world. They came to sit in the “backdrop of awe” that you-write about.-

We all have-an inner Thoreau, whether we are in tune with him or not. I believe we find our true happiness in this awe, this unknowable, our transcendental experiences. They are different names for the same thing: the awareness of here and now!-Who needs faith when the Kingdom of God is already with us. We just have to connect!

It sounds as if you have had a glimpse of this experience, Mr. Rogers. You are one of the lucky ones. However, your discussion of metaphysics seems to lose its validity about halfway through. You claim to have dabbled in philosophical and religious works, but when I see the misspelling of His Holiness The 14th Dalai (not dali) Lama’s name, it leads me to wonder at the range of your study. This man happens to be, in my estimation, the most realized being on this planet and a ray of light in what appears to be a dark time and he deserves respect.-

May I suggest “The Art of Happiness”? An excellent book! And any bookstore displays a wide variety of His Holiness’ published works with his name spelled out on the dust jacket for you.

Perhaps this was an oversight on your part and you were pressed to make the morning’s deadline. If this was the case, then I am sorry for my zealous rant. But then again, you are an editor. If I have any errors of grammar or punctuation, would you please correct them? I have proofread this myself, but it doesn’t hurt to ask someone for a little extra help.

Thank you for your opinion on this deepest of subjects. It certainly beats the daily drivel of some of your fellow journalists.

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