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Spellings summons testing industry to discuss scoring error

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings summoned executives from testing companies and the College Board to a meeting Tuesday that focused on industry practices in the wake of a high-profile scoring error on the SAT college entrance exam.Deputy Education Secretary Ray Simon said Spellings called the hour-long meeting in Washington to discuss the SAT error and try to evaluate whether the testing industry can accurately handle the growing number of high-stakes, state-level tests under the No Child Left Behind law.”From the very beginning we had concerns about the capacity … of the companies to handle NCLB testing,” Simon said in a telephone briefing for reporters. “These t were brought sont thaported. Obiouly wabout tat. Is thatgoing to bea aberratin?” Sion sad ths not overburdened.One company saide tcurrentvolue, Simn said.Last month, the Coleg Board reg eror by Parsoeasuemet had reul han 4,000 hih school students receving incors on the SAT examctober. Parsonsaidthe problm may have been aused byexceon aswer sheet due t That eror fdstry. Arecent rport by Thomas Toch oon-base grup Educatin Setorarguedthat a shrtage of tesd ressure on the omn scores to te states quicklydcomprimonsaid aditinal meetngs with the industry ae laninclude stte fficndees were officals rom testing companies ncluding Pearson, en and MGraw-Hill ollege Board and the sting Srvic.Vail, Colorado

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