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Spinelli’s claims are bogus

Donna Spinelli is afraid of Barack Obama? Well, I’m afraid of people like Donna Spinelli. While I may be a Democrat, I am more than willing to admit that I am not happy with Obama’s association with Reverend Wright, nor do I believe that he was unaware of Wright’s beliefs, but to claim that every Democrat Spinelli knows “get that glaze of denial in their eyes” when the subject is brought up is absolutely ludicrous.

I do respect John McCain, or at least I did until he chose a corrupt, hypocritical woman who wants to set back our rights as women to those that existed before Roe vs. Wade. I find it ironic that Spinelli accuses Barack Obama of being an extremist when, after reading her commentary, those were my exact feelings about her. I’d like to throw in “alarmist” as well. I feel as if I just read a verbal version of one of the attack ads that I’m so disgusted with on T.V., no matter which candidate in government is being attacked.

Neither of these candidates is ideal in my opinion, but to claim this country will no longer be a democracy if Barack Obama is elected is ridiculous. The reason that both of these men are presidential candidates is because we do live in a democracy.

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