Sports journalist comes to Edwards to discuss Peyton Manning’s career |

Sports journalist comes to Edwards to discuss Peyton Manning’s career

Sarah Taylor
Special to the Daily

If you go ...

Who: Mark Kiszla, author of “No Plan B: Peyton Manning’s Comeback with The Denver Broncos.”

Where: The Bookworm of Edwards in Riverwalk.

When: 6 p.m. Thursday.

Cost: $10.

More information: Call 970-926-READ or visit

EDWARDS — Wild card weekend is over and Broncos fans everywhere anxiously await the divisional round this coming weekend. With their 12-4 season, hopes are high for another Super Bowl appearance. As the Broncos take on the Colts, all eyes are on Peyton Manning as he leads the state’s team on a path towards a hopeful victory. Manning’s arrival to the team in 2012 gave him the second chance he was looking for and gave Broncos fans a new leader for their beloved team.

Tonight at The Bookworm of Edwards, Mark Kiszla, sports columnist from The Denver Post, welcomes sports fans from around the valley to discuss just that. Kiszla has twice been named the best sports columnist in the United States by The Society of Professional Journalists and has most recently been named 2014’s Colorado Sports Writer of the Year.

In his book “No Plan B: Peyton Manning’s Comeback with the Denver Broncos,” Kiszla looks into the beautiful second chance story Manning demonstrated over the past few years.

“‘No Plan B’ was, in fact, a plan B,” Kiszla said. “The book started out as a Tim Tebow project, exploring the volatile relationship between sports and religion. But the Broncos signed Peyton Manning early in 2012, and Tebow got traded. My literary agent, an Indiana resident who’s a fan of both Manning and commissions, begged me to change gears and write a book on Manning’s comeback. I relented. Glad I did.”

As a sports columnist, Kiszla finds himself with the team quite often. “No Plan B” gives exclusive interviews that explore the challenges and rewards Manning found in signing with the Broncos. Kiszla follows the quarterback as he relearns the skills he’s held his whole life. He interviews the team and most importantly looks at what affects Manning the most.

“What interested me and inspired me the most while researching the book was discovering the relationships so important to Manning as he began chapter 2 of his football life in Denver. Newsflash: Football superstars are people, too. Manning’s relationship with Rockies great Todd Helton played no small part in his decision to join the Broncos.”


Kainan Jeffers, local bookseller and lifelong Broncos enthusiast, is highly anticipating a night to discuss his favorite team.

“I love the Broncos because my dad was a big fan. I grew up watching them with him through all the tough times and definitely through the good ones.”

Jeffers is hopeful for a Super Bowl win this season.

“Although we’re not looking as hot as we were last year, I still feel like Manning has a good chance at leading them to the Super Bowl.”

If you want to hear more of Jeffers thoughts on the Denver Broncos, take an hour or two and stop by the bookstore.

Kiszla’s time with The Bookworm will be a night to reflect on the season, look forward to the upcoming weeks and discuss the change Manning’s arrival on the team has made.

“If you want a peek into the most beautiful mind in the NFL, or just want to discuss if Manning and the Broncos can win the Super Bowl this year, let’s talk,” Kiszla said. “This is not a lecture. And there will be no quiz at end of presentation. But lively conversation will be encouraged.”

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