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Spring back " again

Ted Alvarez
Vail, Co, Colorado
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Hey partyers, don’t rest just yet: There’s another week of raucous fun in store for you during the second week of Spring Back to Vail. Bar parties, body painting throwdowns, prizes galore and Detroit’s biggest country-rock-rapper will force you to come up with excuses for why you skipped out on work or showed up … in a state.

Remember: It ain’t officially Mud Season until all the snow melts.

Los Amigos, the Club and the George will all host more explosive bar parties. Representatives from Bacardi, Coors, Skiing Magazine and Liberty Skis will be around giving away drinks, prizes and, well, drinks.

“The bar parties so far have been super successful,” says Amy Hornyak of Highline Sports, who coordinates Spring Back to Vail. “We’ll have Party Patrol teams giving away Liberty skis and all kinds of goodies from Skiing Magazine, and tons of drink specials courtesy of Coors Light and Bacardi. Grab some great drinks and you could win some tickets to Kid Rock.”

Before you embark on your bleary party binge, don’t forget to take in a little skiing, of course ” it’s why the party exists, after all.

“This is really about enjoying the spring snow and ushering in spring and the last few weeks of skiing,” Hornyak says. “We’ve had unbelievable weather, so it’s going to be great for practically anything you want to do.”

Combining humanity’s inherent love of high-speed crashes and profound embarrassment, pond-skimming remains one of the festival favorites. Seventy five participants will compete for bragging rights as they attempt to rocket down the mountain and sploosh the farthest across the pond. Points are awarded for distance, style and costume.

“The biggest thing besides Kid Rock will be pond skimming,” says Hornyak. “This particular event filled up in one day ” they’re ready to skim.”

Past years have included contestants clad in Saran Wrap, banana suits and loads of cross dressing, so expect more helpings of zany this year. Word on the street is a certain “lady of affluence” will make a second classy appearance this year ” look out.

When it’s time to put the “art” in party, Streetwater Gallery gets the call. This year, founders David Dean and Greg Spielberg cooked up a Brush Battle Body Art spectacle, where three artists will compete to paint three scantily clad Bacardi girls.

“We wanted to do something unique and different to Vail, so we took inspiration from a previous art battle that took place in Eagle, the recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which featured several bodypainted models, and the art of Scramble Campbell, who does live painting,” David Dean says. “We wanted to take them all and mix it into one killer night. We didn’t want it be a party where (the Bacardi girls) are just getting people to drink Mojitos. We can make it fun, sexy and artistic all at once.”

Live percussionists Aquadrums will provide a water-and-light spectacle while San Francisco DJ Seven spins tunes.

“You’re going to see a live performance atypical for the valley ” there will be water and light everywhere,” says Dean. “Aside from original beauty, we try to bring things out here that don’t usually happen. We give people a reason to dress up and see what they (normally) can’t see.”

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