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Spring has arrived in the Vail Valley

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado
CVR not skiing KA 03-13-10

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – If you looked around the Vail Valley on Saturday, you might have found yourself wondering if it was early spring or early summer.

Coloradans and Vail Valley locals were doing everything outdoors, from rock climbing to cycling to fly fishing to walking. With temperatures in the high 40s and some sunshine peaking through the clouds, it felt more like a day in late May.

Scott Eden and Fabrice Goudeau, friends and ski patrolers at Steamboat Springs, chose to spend the warm day outside in Wolcott. The men were belaying rocks in Wolcott, just off U.S. Highway 6, taking in the sunshine.

After a couple of days of OK skiing, Goudeau was happy to do something different.

“This is a nice change,” he said.

It was the first day the men climbed outside this year. They practice at an indoor climbing gym in Steamboat Springs, but it’s much nicer to be outside doing it, Eden said.

“We decided to come up yesterday – I figured if it’s nice and sunny like this, why not?” he said.

The men agreed they probably wouldn’t be rock climbing if it had been a powder day. Eden said the snow will determine how quickly he transitions into summer sports such as rock climbing.

“It all depends on the snow,” Eden said. “If it doesn’t snow, then we’ll probably do more climbing.”

Down the hill a little ways, Eric and Danette Kimsey, also from Steamboat Springs, were on their way to do some rock climbing and fly fishing. The couple drove down to enjoy the warm weather and jump-start the spring season.

“We’re anxious for spring,” Eric Kimsey said.

Eric Kimsey does a lot of backcountry skiing, and he said this season has been scary because of the snow conditions. After living in Steamboat for five years, most of which included heavy snowfall in the winters, he said he’s gotten spoiled.

“Once you’ve been spoiled, the next season (if its dry), you just don’t want to go (skiing),” he said.

Eric Kimsey said he was happy to see the dirt in Wolcott – it means the spring is here and summer isn’t far away.

Gary Boris, of Edwards, decided to spend his Saturday fly fishing. He found a nice spot on the Eagle River, between Edwards and Wolcott, and was knee-deep in the water enjoying a cigar as he fished.

Boris didn’t buy a ski pass this season. He said he’s addicted to fishing and probably picked a good season not to ski. He hadn’t been out fly fishing until Saturday because it’s been a cold winter, he said.

“The river is just starting to open up,” Boris said.

The weather was a bonus for friends Margo Behler, of Edwards, and Dina Berg, of Eagle. They spent the early afternoon walking along a trail through Edwards and said they would have been out walking even if it were cold and snowing.

“We’re trying to get back into (walking),” Behler said.

They said being outside and exercising together was more about the friendship than the weather. They were just happy to have some time to talk.

“We’re just girlfriends catching up,” Behler said.

Whatever their reasons, people across the valley certainly didn’t miss the chance to enjoy the weather Saturday from someplace other than skiing or snowboarding at Vail or Beaver Creek.

Spring has arrived.

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