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Springdale Quartet returns to Vail Valley Friday

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Vail DailyVail Valley music: The Springdale Quartet, a funk/jazz/rock band from Boulder, will perform a free show at Main St. Grill in Edwards Friday night.

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado –It’s one thing to throw a few guitars, a keyboard and a set of drums in a van and hit the road to the Vail Valley. Its quite another to haul a 500-pound Hammond organ and matching Leslie cabinet – an amplifier/speaker – to every show. After four years, the members of Springdale Quartet are admittedly a little sick of lugging the instrument around, but its an integral part of their sound, and they say it’s worth it.

“For all the people out there that come to see us – we do it for you, and we wouldn’t have it any other way,” said guitarist Ben Waligoske. “If you see four guys goofing around with a giant organ at anytime in the near future, don’t be a stranger, come say hello.”

As for how the band – which also includes bassist Jordan Roos, organist/keyboardist Chase Terzian and drummer Greg Russell – fits themselves and their instruments in Main St. Grill, where they’re playing a free show Friday night, that’s another story. But they’ve done it before, and will do it again Friday.

Waligoske took the time to talk to the Vail Daily about the band.

1. VD: How do you describe your sound?

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Ben Waligoske : The actual sound of our music could probably be classified as somewhat vintage – we use a standard four-piece set up (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards) and feature a big, bad Hammond Organ heavily on a lot of tunes. But, we’re all young guys and come from a Colorado music scene famous for its instrumental improvisation and eclectic styles, so Springdale Quartet ends up being a representation of many things.

2. VD: Have you played in the Vail area before?

BW: We have played the Vail area and surrounding towns a few times before. We actually were at Main St. Grill a couple of months ago and had a great time, and we’ve done places like Agave before. We’re Colorado kids these days (two natives and two transplants who came as fast as they could) and the mountain towns are always good to us, so we come up as often as we can.

3. VD: What can people expect from your show?

BW: People who come out to the showcan expect a lot of fun, funky music from a group that’s having as much fun performing as you hopefully are watching and dancing. We play a lot of danceable instrumental music, both our own and covers from greats like Jimmy Smith, Medeski Martin and Wood, etc. We also know people love to hear a couple tunes they recognize and can sing along to also, so we try to cater as best we can to that with a few choice classics from bands like The Dead, The Talking Heads, Ween – that sort of thing.

4. VD: So this is dance music?

BW: This is definitely dance music, but don’t expect to hear any laptops, loops or robot noises. We like to think we get people moving the old-fashioned way – with lots of energy, our instruments, and a funky sensibility that’s tough to argue with.

5. VD: How did you come up with the band name?

BW: The band name was actually probably the easiest part of this whole thing – our drummer and bassist lived next door to each other on Springdale Lane in Boulder, and Chase (organ) lived just two blocks away. There’s four of us, so you get the picture. We do get the occasional promoter or whoever that thinks we’re a bluegrass band because of the name, so thats always interesting to deal with.

6. VD: Any funny stories from a recent show?

BW: A good one recently didn’t happen at a show at all. We recently invested in a modest light/stage show – a couple lights, a laser that can get pretty crazy, and we’ve had smoke machines for a while now. So we were testing the laser in our studio space at Dog House Music in Lafayette, Colo, with a couple smoke machines that were supposedly safe for indoor use – we found out otherwise. Before long we had the fire/smoke alarms blaring.

All the bands practicing at the time had to go outside, and the fire department was on the way. We got things squared away after an hour or so, and thought we were definitely on the hook for a big fine. Instead, we ended up in our studio with the lights off checking out the laser with a few pretty hilarious firemen.

7. VD: If you could perform on any stage in the world, where would it be and why?

BW: We’ve all talked about this actually, and the verdict seems to be Red Rocks hands down. We’ve all seen so many memorable shows and unforgettable performers there that its impossible to not want to share in that legacy.

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