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Squash Blossom in Vail celebrates 40 years

Special to the DailyThe Squash Blossom opened in Vail in 1972. The store's collection features some of the most innovative and finest jewelry designers in the country.

VAIL, Colorado – Where did you go to find the best and most innovative jewelry in 1973? The same place that you can go to now – The Squash Blossom. The Squash Blossom is the store with a collection of the most innovative and finest jewelry designers in the country.

“In the beginning, it was fun how innovative you could be when Vail was starting out,” said owner Patti Cogswell. “It was founded by creative and sophisticated people who had seen the world and wanted to bring the best to this new town.”

What Patti and her husband, John, dared to bring to Vail in 1972 was something they both loved and could not be found anywhere else – high quality, hand crafted, one-of-a-kind Native American jewelry. Together, they traveled to different Indian reservations and scouted for the most magnificent pieces to bring back to the store. Soon, word spread about the Squash Blossom and its unique treasures.

It was also during these formative years of traveling and meeting different artists that led John to start Vail’s first art gallery. The Cogswell Gallery, focused on fine art and bronzes, opened in 1980.

Vail was expanding and finding its niche, and the Cogswells maintained their dedication by continuing to provide the most exceptional jewelry and art in town. By the 1990s, Patti and John knew that they wanted a store that embraced different cultures and had a global perspective. Inspired by their world travels, they decided to take the leap and fully re-model the store in 1998. The Squash Blossom became a warm, inviting space reflecting the chic ambience of the Mediterranean. This space also allowed them to highlight the distinctiveness of their new artists and their work. Today, there are over 40 diverse fashionable jewelry designers represented in the Squash Blossom.

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“How can we get the next great piece of jewelry that will bring joy and excitement to a customer’s life?” Patti said.

It is with this passion, combined with the thrill of new jewelry collections each season that motivates Patti and her staff.

“Vail has evolved beautifully, and this town has a lot of heart and soul,” Patti said.

Like the town, The Squash Blossom has evolved beautifully over the last 40 years.

Patti and John Cogswell are thankful of their local support, and they also would like to thank their customers for all these wonderful years.

The Squash Blossom is located at 198 Gore Creek Drive in Vail Village.

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