Stamp prices will rise today by 2 cents |

Stamp prices will rise today by 2 cents

Lory PounderVail CO, Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY – It’s time to invest in some 2-cent stamps – again.Starting today, stamps will rise to 41 cents, along with other changes that affect both domestic and international rates.”Across the board there’s a lot of changes,” said Bruce Dalrymple, postmaster at the Breckenridge Post Office, who added that the offices have a handout listing all the new rates. Postcard stamps are up 2 cents to 26 cents; the cost to mail a letter to Canada or Mexico increased from 63 to 67 cents. And while increased rates are nothing new, what is new this year is the 41-cent “Forever Stamp” that can be used now and in future years no matter what the increase. The stamp, which is decorated with an image of the Liberty Bell, went on sale last month and is already creating a stampede to the post office.Investing in a few for future years may be a good idea. According to Charles Guy, the former director of the Postal Service’s Office of Economics and Strategic Planning, today’s new stamp price marks the first of what may become annual rate hikes.However, in addition to the Forever Stamp, which will be on sale while the rate is 41 cents, a special edition of “Star Wars” stamps will go on sale May 25 and may be a bit more fun for now.Last week, post office employees at Breckenridge went through training regarding the new rate scale, how priority mail is accepted, bulk mailing changes and more.According to the Postal Service, the price changes reflect the increased operating costs due to escalating fuel prices, medical, transportation and other expenses. The agency receives no tax dollars for its operation, and this is the first rate increase since 2002 to cover operational expenses, the agency said.The previous postage increase in January of last year that took the stamp from 37 cents to 39 cents was for retiree health benefits.

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