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Stand up to VR

Jim and Connie Cameron, Eagle-Vail

Excuse my ignorance because I am not a resident of the town of Vail. However, during our 12-year residence in the Vail Valley, there has been a constant issue regarding Vail Resorts’ failure to contribute solutions towards ever increasing demand upon parking and affordable housing. The town of Vail and Vail Resorts are like spouses who can’t agree on resource sharing. Let’s get the equation straight.

Only one of these two entities is permanent ” and that is the Town of Vail. Vail Resorts can’t move the mountain, the bowls, the slopes or the snow. The natural resources that help make Vail what it is are permanent. Vail Resorts is a renter that can sell its interests if it wishes.

There is no question that Vail Resorts is vital to the town of Vail, particularly during the ski/snowboard months. Likewise, the Town of Vail with all its amenities is critical to the winter experience that draws visitors from all over the globe to one of the top three ski resorts in the U.S. and contributes handsomely to Vail Resorts bottomline. Resort guests from afar, both within and outside the U.S., are not among the average of 319 cars parking on the frontage road for 48 days this past season. These cars belong to in-state residents who are most likely here for a weekend at most. These are the folks that are more likely to cook in and use local restaurants infrequently, and whose purchase of a T-shirt or other gear with Vail imprinted on the fabric is not likely to impress the neighbors back in Aurora, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins or you name the area.

The multiplier of 319 cars times 48 days equals 15,312 skier days per car. How many ski passengers per car? Now multiply this figure by a decade or so, and add in all the Vail Resorts revenues that are an adjunct to lift ticket revenue and it starts to look like real money!

Town of Vail, stop rolling over and accepting the middle digit from Vail Resorts. They need you more than you need them. As a well-run business, which I believe they are, they will only move to help solve the parking and affordable housing problems when the town applies the pressure for them to pick up a fair share of the costs of solving these problems.

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