Starbucks to open in Eagle Ranch |

Starbucks to open in Eagle Ranch

EAGLE ” Last week a banner appeared in an Eagle Ranch storefront that tantalized coffee lovers … Starbucks is coming soon.

The national chain will open an Eagle locale this fall, said Jen Wright of Wright Development Company, which oversees commercial development in Eagle Ranch,

“There’s been a lot of interest in Starbucks coming. From a commercial viewpoint, any time you get a Starbucks, you are glad to get one,” said Wright.

Rumors of the national coffeehouse chain coming to Eagle Ranch have been brewing for months. Then, last week, the banner trumpeting the chain’s intentions appeared in a vacant storefront window on Capital Street.

Booth Creek Ski Holdings will be the franchise manager and the shop is scheduled for a September opening. Currently, crews are fixing the sidewalk for an outside seating area.

“We are very excited to be opening a Starbucks at the Eagle Ranch village,” said Heath Nielsen, vice president of commercial operations for Booth Creek Ski Holdings. “The location within the village and how it interacts with the nearby homes will make it a true community gathering space.”

Operators hope Starbucks will be frequented by early morning commutes, stay-at-home parents in the afternoon, and after school and pre-movie patrons, Nielsen said.

The new Starbucks will be a 1,500 square-foot shop.

Some locals, however, aren’t enthused by the appearance of a national chain just two doors down from a locally-owned operation ” Zach’s Deli at the Ranch.

George Yoder, Zach’s owner, offered a different perspective. He and his fellow Eagle Ranch commercial operators believe increased traffic in the area benefits everyone.

“Any new business down there is thoroughly welcomed by everyone,” said Yoder. “We hope Starbucks doubles the businesses in Eagle Ranch. We hope some people who go up valley will stay in Eagle and buy their coffee.”

“We also hope to gain some of Starbucks’ base,” he continued, “and we believe our loyal customers will stay with us.”

Wright supported Yoder’s assertions, noting that elsewhere in Eagle County, Starbucks has found a way to co-exist with a locally-owned business.

“The Avon Bakery is located right next to the Starbucks and both seem to do fine,” said Wright. “We are just trying to provide services in Eagle Ranch that people want.”

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