Stargazing, and star-dissing, in public |

Stargazing, and star-dissing, in public

Carolyn Pope
Carolyn Pope/Vail DailyDonna Meyer, Allie Coppeak, Sallie Fawcett and Joan Whittenberg.

BEAVER CREEK – Oscars night has become a ritual for my husband and me. We flop down on the sofa, glass of wine in hand, and become extremely snide about what each star is wearing. Halle Berry inevitably rates a 10 from both of us, but then, of course, there are the fashion disasters. It’s often a race from the kitchen sink and dish washing when one of us squeals, “Oh, honey, you’ve got to see what she’s wearing!”

I really couldn’t care less who wins.This year, I still didn’t care who won, but I have to tell you, being catty among a bunch of friends is much more fun than sharing it at home on the sofa.

The Vilar Center for the Arts hosted its first annual Oscar party this year, and I’ll be back the next time. The event was scaled down prior to the ceremony, but it didn’t make any difference. Everyone had fun getting decked out in their Academy Awards finest.”The party is an opportunity to engage the whole community in the thrill of the Oscars,” said Natalia Hanks of the Vail Valley Foundation.

The Vilar Center, located in Beaver Creek, brings in the finest in entertainment to our valley. If you’ve never been there, you are certainly missing out. The theater is splendid – from the golden wood to the plush seats and fabulous acoustics. You’re in for a treat whether your taste veers towards country or reggae, classical, theater or dance. There’s something for everyone and every age each year at the Vilar.

The guests of the event dined on fabulous food and enjoyed great wines while watching the awards on several large screen TVs. Prizes were held for the best guesses as to the winners in each category, but, without a doubt, the winners were the guests at this fun party.Next year, let’s hope for bigger bang – so we can all make fun of (and envy) the stars together!

Vail, Colorado

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