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Stars on the rise

Cassie Pence
Special to the Daily The Colorado Children's Chorale is offering a free performance workshop for Vail Valley children ages 8-11 June 8-11. The workshop is designed to develop performance skills such as singing, acting, dancing and stage movement.

VAIL – Big-time musicians like country star Dierks Bentley will play Ford Amphitheater this summer, but not before our valley’s rising stars take the stage to learn how to sing and dance like the professionals.The Colorado Children’s Chorale visits Vail for its annual summer residency June 8-11. The chorale is a Denver-based musical program boasting five choirs with 400 children ages 7-14. The chorale performs more than 130 concerts a year, including international shows. Each summer, the chorale’s touring choir visits Vail for a week-long residency. During the second half of the week, the chorale will host a free performance workshop to teach local kids choir songs and dances.For kids in the chorale’s touring choir – the chorale’s most advance performance group – the Vail residency is a week long training week. During their stay, the children will learn repertoire for next season, how to function as a group and how to handle the act of touring, or being away from their own home. “The joy of choral music is it’s really a team effort. Getting to know each other is an important aspect,” said Emily Crile, assistant conductor for the chorale.

The touring kids will stay in a condo donated by the Antlers in Vail, and then the last two nights of the residency, they will go home with a family of the Vail workshop children.”It gives them the experience of knowing how to act in somebody else’s home,” said Crile. “They are still in Colorado, and they’re still with a child they met in the workshop, so it’s less of a scary situation to put them in for their first experience of touring.”Katie Kinsella, 12, who goes to Vail Mountain School, enjoyed last summer’s workshop so much she auditioned, and was selected, to be a regular in the chorale. She will perform in the group’s concert choir this season. “It was really fun having the kids stay at our house. It was like a big slumber party,” said Katie, who hosted four girls last summer. “I learned tips on singing and I learned that if you really want something bad enough, you can get it, you just have to work hard at it.”For three days, the Vail workshop kids will form their own choir, learning their own music and dances, and then will also join the tour choir on a couple of songs. Chorale instructors will teach choreography, performance skills and voice exercises to local children with an emphasis on stage movement.

“We like kids to be kids,” said Crile. “We like to keep them active to help them find natural enthusiasm and love for music. We want them to look like children, rather than young adults, on the stage.”Annabelle Kinney, 10, of Eagle Valley Elementary, said she likes the chorale workshop because the teachers are nice and helpful. Annabelle, along with her two siblings who are now too old for the workshop, have participated in the choir clinic for many years.”You get to learn a different level of singing each year. You learn how to control your voice and how to harmonize,” Annabelle said. “But it’s just fun meeting new people.”The residency culminates with a children’s chorale tour choir concert June 11 at 6 p.m. at the Ford Amphitheater. The local kids participating in the workshop will showoff their new skills in an encore performance. The concert is free.”I love being on stage in front of people. When they clap it makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I’m doing something special for other people,” said Katie.

To register for the workshop, call the Colorado Children’s Chorale at 303-892-5600 or visit its Web sit at and Entertainment Editor Cassie Pence can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 618, or, Colorado

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