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Start creating the life you imagine

Catherine Zeeb
Vail CO, Colorado
Columnist Cathy Zeeb

“The great thinkers of history have recognized that man consists of body, soul and spirit, and that the key to controlling our lives lies in the soul or mind, soul and mind being synonymous terms. Plato, for example, remarked that we should never attempt to cure the body without curing the soul. Jesus went much further and taught and demonstrated that it is the mind that heals the body and outer conditions. Jesus taught that whatever happens in the outer has had its inception in the pattern held in the mind of the individual. Everything originates in thought, and consequently, if we hold sick thoughts, limiting thoughts, these are going to be expressed in our bodies and in our circumstances.” ” Emmet Fox, “Diagrams for Living.”

“A belief in choice” ” that was the title of my dissertation. We can change our outer world by changing our inner thinking world. This doesn’t change who we are, it brings us back to the truth of who we are ” that which we forgot. You cannot make better choices without first paying attention to the choices you do make.

We get wrapped up in our personalities and forget there is a bigger picture. We tend to believe that our personalities and our emotions define us, that they are bigger than us and we just have to surrender to their whims. This is not true. It may feel true because you believe it at this moment. It is what we’re used to. I’m telling you today that this is not true. You can begin slowly to change your thoughts about you and create the world you know to be true for you.

My questions to you today, on this eve of the eve of the New Year’s Eve, are: “Is what you are thinking about now in your life working for you? Have you created the world outside that you truly feel inside?” This is not an ego-mind question, this is a soul question. The ego-mind wants us to believe that the world inside may be in disarray but the world outside should be at peace. The ego-mind also wants us to believe that if everyone else had it together, there would be more peace. The ego-mind is not concerned with changing our thoughts to create our own world. If we change our thoughts to create a better world, what more would the ego-mind have to do? That is its greatest fear.

The presence of mind when it comes to choice is to recognize that what we are thinking is being created in our outer world. If we live in a world of inner turmoil, it’s pretty much a guarantee that our outer world will reflect that. If we begin to recognize our thoughts and choose more truth, love and peace than anger, resentment, judgment or doubt, then our perception of the world around us will change. It has to. The change will happen because we will be seeing it from a new perspective.

Take your life in your own hands today and make it something worthwhile. Nothing that happened yesterday or 10 years ago, or the fact that you failed to do something in the past, will prevent you from having harmony today. You choose every moment, so today start choosing the best and creating the life you imagine.

May you demonstrate the light and true sweetness of your soul this coming year. Let go of this past year and reward yourself. Happy New Year with love and light to all, Cathy.

Catherine Zeeb holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Metaphysics. She has a private therapy practice in Edwards and teaches Metaphysics at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. You can visit her website at

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