Start exploring the world of anejos |

Start exploring the world of anejos

Daily Staff ReportVail, CO, Colorado
AE Liquor KA 12-27-07

Alta Vista Premium Torrontes 2006, $13.99Close your eyes while smelling this Argentinean wine and you just might be able to pretend its summer. The aroma is all white peach and honeysuckle blossom and if the icy cold swirling winds outside havent left you aching sunnier climes, this wine will. Even though the wine smells sweet, its crisp and dry and extremely easy to drink almost too easy. The Torrontes grape grows in the northern part of the Argentina Andes at 5,400 feet above sea level. Torrontes are pretty unique to Argentina theyre all pretty uniform, said Mickey Werner of Alpine Wine & Spirits. They kind of fall in between a riesling and sauvignon blanc, with a nice spritz, icy nose and great fruit.Werner recommends pairing the wine with spicy food perhaps a Kung Pao chicken or sushi. Theyre pretty delicate so pair them with delicate food like Dover Sole would be great or poached salmon, Werner said. Caramie Schnell, High Life Editor

There is a time for subtle and there is a time for blunt. And when you are looking for a bold wine the Atalon Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 could be exactly what you are looking for. This Napa valley wine from a stable owned by Jess Jackson of Kendall-Jackson is all big, black and chewy fruits. Picture blackberry and plum with a hint of coffee. The wine is made from hillside fruit from Howl, Spring and Diamond mountains.Mickey Werner, wine wiz at Alpine Wine & Spirits, had two words when I asked him what he thought about the wine, Big stuff. Its that as well as intense, flavorful and rich. The wine is decadent and filling from the first glass to the end of the bottle. Atalon needs a big meal to stand up to it a rib eye steak is the perfect complement. I paired my steak with a red wine mushroom sauce. For the record, I didnt use this wine for the sauce.The fattiness of the meat pulls out the smoothness of the fruit, Werner said. I asked him if I could use a buffalo rib eye and he said that the leaner meat would not stand up well and this wine really need the real thing. At $39 this wine is not for everyday drinking it is to be pulled out when you are ready to really do a night up. Jessica Slosberg, Daily Staff Writer

So you and tequila have made peace since your college days. You have been tentatively exploring the world of sipping tequilas. You know the basics of tequila, it is a tightly regulated beverage and that every single one is produced in the area of Tequila, Mexico. And you also know that in order to be a true tequila that it needs to be made of 100 percent pure agave. Also, you know that there are different types of tequilas; blancos, which are clear and unaged; anejos, which are aged, but for no minimum of time and usually have an amble hue; and finally, there are reposados, which are aged for a minimum of three months.You have been trying blancos, and are ready to move on to something more complex but arent quite ready to start with the reposados. Sauzas Tres Generaciones Anejo is a great option in both flavor and price.It is a nice, smooth elegant anejo, said Mickey Werner of Alpine Wine & Spirits. It is very middle of the road for an anejo.The aging softens up the drink, taking some of the alcohol out. It has a little hint of the bourbon from being aged in bourbon casks, which is common practice, and adds some complexity and a richer flavor than a blanco. And for a sipping tequila, at $49.99, it is reasonably priced. But be warned this isnt the best anejo on the market, but it is a good deal and a good place to start exploring the world of anejos. Jessica Slosberg, Daily Staff Writer

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