State Bridge hosts Hamsa Lila and Jah Family Band today |

State Bridge hosts Hamsa Lila and Jah Family Band today

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Traditional American touring musical acts carry the term “traveling band.” Hamsa Lila is better described as nomadic collaboration. The San Francisco-based group performs music stemming from the Gwana brotherhood of Morocco, North and West Africa, North and South America, India and the Caribbean. “Hamsa Lila is a Sufa-hypnotic-world-groove band,” said Sintirist Vir McCoy. “We play indigenous music from many parts of the world.” Hamsa Lila is State Bridge Lodge’s inspiration to tribute Burning Man, a celebration of life and community at the end of August.”Hamsa Lila has played Burning Man a few times, and they have that unique energy that represent what Burning man is all about,” Scott Stoughton, general manager at State Bridge, said.Hamsa Lila has been associated with the jam-band scene, but the vast cultural influences contained within the band’s music sets it apart from traditional drum-and-bass pentatonika. A nod is also given to electronica. But, Hamsa Lila cannot be defined by these generalizations; the band can be compared to Sound Tribe Sector 9, but Hamsa Lila tends toward vocals and acoustics, while STS9 incorporates more electronics.

“Trance’s purpose is to get people out of their heads and into their bodies,” said McCoy. “It’s about getting people to move and groove.” Hamsa Lila is a cosmic play, mixing fire dancers and belly dancers; the show is a sensual smorgasbord. There are swirling colors, incense, costumes, imagery (slides, shadows and film), Capoiera artists and contact improv. “It’s kind of like a Moroccan circus. There is a level of creating a transformative atmosphere using ancient sounds and sacred chants from all around the world,” said McCoy. “It’s really about creating a sacred atmosphere to allow people to gather and go deep within themselves.” Hamsa Lila is comprised of McCoy on sintir, Ian Herman on drums, M.J. Greenmountain on vocals and percussion, Nikila and Deja on vocals, John Schroeder on sax and flute and string specialist Ganapati on guimbri (Morocco), oud (Egypt) and saz (Turkey). “Our band is trying to inspire peace. We can’t force anything on anybody,” said McCoy. “We just try and create that atmosphere for people to go where they need to go with it.”

Jah Family Band opens up for Hamsa Lila at 4:30 p.m. Their motivation is to inspire and up lift souls, as well, with the power of roots vibration.”Jah Family Band is the most happenin’ reggae band in the state right now. It’s really great roots reggae. The front guy is just awesome,” Stoughton said.Jah Family Band is dedicated to authentic Jamaican roots and dancehall music. The core of the Jah Family Band is a four piece ensemble consisting of three part vocal harmonies in the standard drums, bass, guitar and keys format. Jus Goodie plays lead guitar and sings vocals, Leon Aruello holds down the bass line, Ryan Spinharney plays three keyboards, Eddie Delissio keeps the beat and Ras Marcus Benjamin is the rootsman of Jah Family Band, holding it all together with the beat of the nyahbingi drum. For more information on State Bridge Lodge, call (970) 653-4444, or visit

Alive with musicHamsa Lila and Jah Family BandToday, 4:30 p.m.State Bridge Lodge in Bond

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