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State Bridge Lodge for sale

Laura A. Ball
Special to the DailyState Bridge Lodge in Bond is up for sale for $2 million, which includes the cabins, restaurant and bar, water rights and 22 acres.

BOND – Float down the river with friends, crack open a beer, take out at the tracks and listen to the grooves of Burning Spear long into the night before retiring to your tent. Such is the vibe of State Bridge Lodge in Bond, 30 miles west of Vail off Highway 131 where the Eagle and Colorado rivers meet and the Denver Rio Grande Railroad runs. The music venue/bar/restaurant/lodge, which has gained national recognition in recent years hosting everyone from Colorado up-and-coming acts to the Dixie Chicks, is for sale for $2 million through Alpine Management and Real Estate Services, Inc.Alpine Realtor Audrey Robinson McCray holds a special place in her heart for State Bridge. She met her husband there, as did four of her girlfriends.

“I’d like to see the tradition of the place carried on by the next owner,” she said “Can you think of a better way to spend your afternoon than rafting or kayaking from Rancho to State Bridge on a Sunday and getting there just as the band is starting to play? I love the mix of people there too. From boaters and bikers to cowboys and hippies, everyone is there to have a good time.” Recent archaeological work near State Bridge has shown that prehistoric people inhibited the area as far back as 8,000 years ago, and that the Ute Indians inhabited and used this area in the last 1,000 years.In 1890, the State of Colorado authorized $6,000 for the construction of a wagon bridge over the Grand River (now called the Colorado River). The Missouri Valley Bridge and Iron Works Company got the contract for their bid of $5,790 and built the two span Howe Truss bridge whose remnants can still be seen out front. This is how State Bridge got it’s name and has been known ever since. The railroad came through in the area around 1900 around the same time vice-President Teddy Roosevelt stayed at the lodge while elk hunting. State Bridge has been a music venue ever since.

“The spiritual elements, the physical beauty, the history, there is a serious vibe at State Bridge. It’s one of the last remaining places like it,” said Scott Stoughton who went from bartending and booking in 1995 to manager and now talent buyer. “I want it to succeed and be well taken care of and appreciated. My hope is that someone will buy it and develop the restaurant, the hunting, the camping. I think State Bridge should always have an element of music, too.”For more information, call Alpine Management and Real Estate Services, Inc. at 800-525-2076 or 390-7685.

Vail, Colorado

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