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State Bridge refugees

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Vail CO, Colorado
William Howell, cook at The State Bridge Lodge was one of The Fire victims who lost their belongs.

The Titans of Town Talk recently received a dispatch from Kim Wille, of El Jebel, who is trying to help victims of the June 3 State Bridge fire, which destroyed the lodge. She sent us the stories of three people who need help, which we paraphrase:

A $20,000 hit

John Ryder, whose dog, Tatiana, woke him in time to escape the fire, lost a lot of belongings, about $20,000 worth. He received a lot of help from the community, including gift certificates to Wal-Mart and City Market, lodging at the Silver Leaf, prescription glasses and gas cards. The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District and the Salvation Army helped him with that stuff.

John recently moved to Florida to live with a friend until he can get a job, make some money and get in a position to move back to Eagle County.

A blow to a business venture

Ronnie Tamplen is another victim of the fire, having lost about $10,000 in belongings. He recently got a $100 gift certificate to City Market from the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District and the Salvation Army, but he needs more help. Ronnie lost a lot in the fire, including cash, his wood carvings that he was going to sell this summer, musical instruments, his mountain bike, carving tools and his laptop. He was also getting ready to open up a store in State Bridge, and lost all of his inventory.

He’s still working full-time in Vail, but has had to move away from State Bridge because it’s too far from his job.

Kitchen catastrophe

A third victim is William Howell, who was the cook at State Bridge Lodge. He lost around $6,000 in belongings, including his laptop, knives, bowls, utensils, pots, pans, storage containers, blender and his new boat. He is trying to get enough money to buy some equipment and inventory so he can open a restaurant in Bond.

Help needed

To quote Kim:

“Dilemmas abound for all, and they each need a helping hand. I have to believe that there is a successful bike store out there that could help Ronnie get back on a bike or a music store to help find a left-handed guitar for him or computer stores who could donate a couple of laptops/programs or people who have money so any and all of them could afford to get a place to live, make deposits, buy their occupational equipment/tools, etc.

“Is there a rafting company or even Costco to donate a boat/pontoon and frame?

Kim also expressed her “concern over no potable water nor porta-potties for all the rafters/tourists enjoying that river and those campgrounds. State Bridge does not have the resources to provide those services any longer, and I would think it’s going to become a health/environmental issue soon if it’s not addressed. All those people need somewhere to get fresh drinking water.

“If you have read this and could help in any small or big way, please do one of the following as soon as possible.”

Send donations to: Alpine Bank, Ronnie Tamplen/William Howell Benefit Fund, Acct: 5520111368.

Note in memo space which man you are contributing to.

Or mail to: Alpine Bank, Ronnie Tamplen/William Howell Benefit Fund, P.O. Box 2205, Edwards, CO 81632.

Kim said the men wanted to express their gratitude for the things that friends and locals have done for them or helped them with.

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