State Patrol cracks down on drunk drivers |

State Patrol cracks down on drunk drivers

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The Colorado State Patrol is currently operating an intensive holiday drunk driving enforcement effort, scheduled to run through 3 a.m. on Jan.

During this period, 640 troopers will conduct 16 consecutive nights of increased patrols and saturation patrols to take drunk drivers off the road. More than 1,300 officers from 73 law enforcement agencies across the state are participating in the mobilization, which is a nationwide event this holiday season.

Last year, the State Patrol made 252 driving under the influence arrests across Colorado as a result of the holiday drunk driving crackdown. A total of 1,312 DUI arrests were made throughout the entire state during this time.

“Our goal is to take drunk drivers off the road before a crash occurs,” said Col. Mark Trostel, chief of the State Patrol. “A DUI arrest and conviction is an expensive way to learn about Colorado’s DUI laws. First-time offenders can pay close to $10,036 in fees and fines. It’s simple, “You drink, you drive, you lose.'”

Trostel said citizens can help prevent highway deaths and assist law enforcement officers by taking two seconds to consider these easy steps to celebrate responsibly:

– Offer to be the designated driver for your family and friends.

– Take the keys from someone who shouldn’t be driving.

– Call a cab, or let a friend stay overnight, if they’ve had too much to drink.

– If you’ve had too much to drink, make the responsible decision – do

not get behind the wheel.

The following are just a few of the costs that a DUI offender can expect

to pay:

– Cost to tow your car – $65

– Bail fee- $70

– Defense attorney’s fee – $2,500

– Minimum fine – $300

– Law Enforcement Assistance Fund – $90

– Alcohol evaluation – $156

– Alcohol education classes- $525

– Auto insurance increase- $4,800

Information provided by the Colorado State Patrol, Colorado Department of Transportation, the Colorado Department of Human Services’ Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division and the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Motor Vehicle Division.

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