State radio: Iran will reject proposed U.N. resolution on nuclear program |

State radio: Iran will reject proposed U.N. resolution on nuclear program

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran’s government will reject a proposed U.N. resolution that would give it until Aug. 31 to suspend uranium enrichment or face the threat of international sanctions, state-run radio said on Saturday.”Iranians will not accept unfair decisions, even in the framework of resolutions by the international bodies,” the radio commentary said.There has been no official comment to the draft resolution, but state radio often is thought to provide the Iranian government line.The resolution was formally circulated to the full 15-member U.N. Security Council late Friday and likely will be adopted next week.”Ultimatum and deadline cannot be acceptable to us,” the commentary said, accusing the United States and its allies of making what it called an illegal demand by the United States, France, Germany and Britain.The commentary also said the draft might not be approved because of opposition by China.Tehran said last week it would reply Aug. 22 to a Western incentive package, but the council decided to go ahead with a resolution and not wait for Iran’s response.The incentive package includes economic incentives and a provision for the United States to offer Iran some nuclear technology, lift some sanctions and join direct negotiations. The proposal also calls for Iran to impose a long-term moratorium on uranium enrichment – which can produce peaceful reactor fuel or fissile bomb material.The U.S. and some of its allies accuse Iran of seeking nuclear weapons. Tehran maintains its program is purely peaceful and aimed at generating electricity.Iran has said it will never give up its right under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to enrich uranium and produce nuclear fuel but has indicated it may temporarily suspend large-scale activities to ease tensions.Iran also warned the Security Council its double failure to stop the war in Lebanon and solve the nuclear standoff with Tehran would damage its credibility.”The council has shown its incapability to solve the Lebanese crisis in recent days and repetition of the same behavior in Iran’s nuclear case will damage the credibility of the Council more than before,” said a commentary on state-run radio.Iran is a primary backer of Hezbollah, at war with Israel in its Lebanese strongholds after guerrilla fighters kidnapped two Israeli soldiers 18 days ago.

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