Stavney the better choice |

Stavney the better choice

Vote for Jon Stavney for Eagle County commissioner. A vote for Jon is a vote for responsible and effective government and a sustainable community. Jon knows and lives the reality of government, housing, family challenges and the local economy. He supports Eagle County taking a proactive role to help provide housing opportunities within the county for those successful and vibrant middle-class families who are vital to our communities. He supports responsible development that mitigates its impacts and which pays its own way.

Jon understands the value of visual and physical buffers between communities so that we prevent endless sprawl and so that passive recreational opportunities on the valley floor stay in balance with development. He added 1,000 acres of open space to Eagle at no cost to taxpayers. While mayor of Eagle, he led the town’s development approval of the very successful and desirable Eagle Ranch. Jon will bring a lot of experience to the Board of County Commissioners with good ideas and a balanced view.

Unlike Jon, his opponent, Debbie Buckley had an unremarkable time on the Avon Town Council and demonstrated little leadership in either ideology or action. Her 10-point program is political rhetoric and without substance and material change.

Tax rate decreases in the town of Avon were due to prudent debt refinancing by staff and not spending cuts. It takes a million-dollar cut in the county budget to reduce property taxes by $10 on a $400,000 home; you can do the math for larger cuts and more expensive homes. So how many millions can we find in bus service, the Sheriff’s budget, senior and youth programs, staffing and benefits? Let’s hear some specifics, not empty claims.

Open space funds have never been spent outside of Eagle County as Buckley claims. They can’t be and never will be. There have been cross-border joint projects, but our money went for land in Eagle County alone.

Affordable housing is a right for all developers to build right now. We don’t need any new regulations as claimed by Buckley. We welcome any developer to put an affordable project on the table instead of the usual high-end units. Employers have many programs to partner with their employees to finance homes, and this concept is key to the county programs. Stratton Flats is an example of a partnership between the county, Gypsum and the developer. County money is a prudent investment ” not a “bailout” ” as part of a partnership to create homes. Jon Stavney has ideas that are specific and have substance and are not political theater.

The quality of life in Eagle County is precariously balanced on a tipping point. We can subscribe to the “free-market will do the right thing” dogma of letting the future just happen, and continue to get the same inadequate results, or we can intelligently intercede and guide the future, making the needed and right things happen. Shall we fund only the “mandated” minimum or shall we rise to a higher level of environmental and societal stewardship and accomplishment? Jon will help get us to a better place while managing our money responsibility. Vote for Jon Stavney.

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