Stavney’s record in Eagle |

Stavney’s record in Eagle

I had the pleasure of working with Jon Stavney for six crucial years (1998-2004) on the Eagle Board of Trustees. These are some of the accomplishments Jon worked for and enthusiastically supported.

Open Space:

Through development negotiations with Eagle Ranch, the town added 1,000 acres of open space (not including the public golf course) with 165 acres along Brush Creek,

which provides valuable stream access and great riparian habitat. The other 830 acres is critical habitat for deer, elk, bear and turkey.

The Bluffs subdivision added 10 acres of river frontage. The town purchased the 35-acre Spud Cellar parcel with its open space fund. The town now enjoys an extensive park system and over 1,100 acres of open space.


The town board collaborated with the school district and the Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District to fund upgrades to the gymnasiums at Eagle Valley Middle School and Brush Creek Elementary instead of building more costly separate facilities. During our years together, we upgraded playground equipment at the Terrace and Eagle Town Park, and added 20 acres at the Allen Tract, and built the pool and ice rink there, added a soccer field and a community-built playground at Brush Creek Park. During the last six years, the town and developers have built one of the most impressive trail systems in the county.

Facility Development:

Jon provided leadership in many of the facility development projects including: construction of the Town Hall, Brush Creek Pavilion, expansion of the public works shop, the town park concert stage and restrooms, increased water storage capacity, a pretreatment plant for water quality and wastewater plant expansion. Jon, as mayor of Eagle, put into action other projects that were part of our long-range plan. These included the Eagle Healthcare Center, Broadway redevelopment and the Eagle Town Park improvements.

Growth Management:

In the past decade, the Eagle Town Board has instituted the following smart growth tools: Impact fees for schools, fire, ambulance, and roads; an Adequate Public Facility ordinance that insures we don’t outgrow our capacity for water, wastewater, and traffic; minimum open space standards for planned unit developments; a local employee housing program, including a 10-percent inclusionary zoning that was instituted eight years ago for Eagle Ranch and upgraded to apply to all of town.

Approximately 7 percent of the town’s housing stock is now in the affordable housing program. Jon helped initiate the ongoing citizen committee to review and update the Eagle Area Community Plan.

Jon works well with developers, government agencies, staff and board members. He listens and works hard. Jon knows how to find consensus and make things happen. But most importantly, he has proven how much he loves this community through his actions. He cares deeply for the people he represents. Eagle County will be a better place with Jon Stavney as one of our next commissioners.

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