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Staying present in this moment

Catherine Zeeb
Vail CO, Colorado
Columnist Cathy Zeeb

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” At this moment I am sitting on the floor in my office writing this column with my two dogs sleeping soundly nearby. I have flute music playing and a tranquil water fountain running. I am absolutely present in this moment. I’m not thinking of what I have to do later or what I did yesterday. I am grounded. I am delighting in this moment. I am recognizing the peace within and happy to be alive.

Being in the present, in the moment, requires that we recognize when we’re not. We can be at the gym, in a meeting, having lunch with a friend, walking the dogs, eating dinner, taking a shower or trying to soothe a crying baby and still be in the moment. If, for example, you are trying to soothe the baby and you’re thinking about a nail appointment you need to get to in an hour, you are not present, in the moment, with your baby. You may be feeling anxious, even if you feel you are not expressing that anxiety, and your child will feel it too. The moment will seem a lot more stressful than it needs to be.

When we are present in every situation in our life, we are receptive to whatever is going on, whatever emotions are being presented, or whatever words another person is speaking. We listen more intently, we hear more clearly and we are more tuned in to our own energy and those of the other person. In turn, we become acutely aware of our emotions, how our body is feeling or reacting, our joy, our peace and how busy our minds are. The benefit to the people we are with is that we are completely with them, in that moment, and not attached to or thinking about another event, past or future.

We have many excuses for thinking we can’t be present or in the moment. The hours in a day run together and the days in a week run together. Then we feel exhausted. Take notice throughout your day of how you, for example, don’t remember conversations you have been having. Recognize that you may not have been present during those conversations. If you had been present, letting the rest of your day step aside for 10, 30 or 60 minutes, you just may remember every moment of especially special conversations.

The more present we learn to be, the more we can learn to truly live. If you were told you would die soon, you may choose to live the best you could in the time you have left. You can learn to do that today; don’t wait for an illness to spur you. Learning to be present in your life today just may give you the opportunity to enjoy this moment and every moment for the rest of your life. We never know how many days we get on this earth.

Try it. Be present and see if you feel more peace. You may get to see something that you might have otherwise missed. There are so many miracles happening all the time ” don’t be so busy that you forget to see each and every moment and don’t forget to say thank you.

Catherine Zeeb holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Metaphysics. She has a private therapy practice in Edwards and teaches Metaphysics at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. You can visit her website at

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