Steady turnout at Vail election |

Steady turnout at Vail election

Lauren Glendenninglglendenning@vaildaily.comVail, CO Colorado
Kristin Anderson/Vail DailyChris Ball finishes voting Tuesday at the Vail municipal building. Ball said there were great candidates for council and it was tough to choose who to vote for.

VAIL, Colorado -A steady stream of voters were heading in and out of the Vail municipal building Tuesday casting ballots for Vail Town Council candidates – by 2:30 p.m., about 250 people voted in person, and more than 550 mail-in ballots had been returned.Town Clerk Lorelei Donaldson said there hadn’t been a big rush of voters yet, but the polls are scheduled to stay open until 7 p.m.In the 2007 election, there was a total of 946 ballots cast – 299 were mail-ins or early votes, and 647 voted at the polls on election day.Voters had varying reasons for showing up – some say they simply vote every year, while others were following specific issues facing the town.Ed Hansen, who has lived in Vail for 30 years, said he was focusing on picking candidates who he hoped could help maintain a budget that will be sustainable for years to come. Hansen also wants the town to find more ways to attract destination skiers.”We need to build the tourist economy versus the development/ real estate economy we’ve been under,” Hansen said.Brian Dalrymple, an 11-year Vail resident, wants to see the town’s Billion Dollar Renewal finish up – he’s tired of seeing construction and cranes all around town and wants to see results. Many voters were passionate about the people – they want to see a Town Council that consists of respectful members who have done something for the community. For Lisa Goldstein, that meant choosing Scott Proper and Kevin Foley. Goldstein has lived in Vail for six years and said she always votes, but she was especially rooting for Proper and Foley this year. She said she thinks Proper can bring a lot to the town, while Foley is a longtime community man whom she greatly respects.Bob Zeltman said he just feels like it’s his duty to vote, and made his choices this year based on people he knew personally. He picked candidates who he thought could do a good job for the town, he said.Picking a candidate based on their history in town is how Sue Franciose went about her decision, she said. She wanted to see candidates with solid reputations get elected – people who have shown they can be successful for the town, Franciose said. For Gretta Parks, the election was simple – vote for Vail.”I’ve been here since day one and I care about what happens to Vail,” Parks said.

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