Stealing ‘a big rush’ for local man in Gypsum |

Stealing ‘a big rush’ for local man in Gypsum

Dustin Racioppi
Gypsum, CO Colorado

GYPSUM, Colorado “-After a brief high-speed chase from police and a sit down with a store manager at the Costco in Gypsum, Colorado a local man who admitted stealing about $500 in DVD’s isn’t allowed back in the store.

Eagle County sheriff’s deputies were called shortly after 3 p.m. Nov. 5 when a store employee noticed the 32-year-old was acting suspicious. The employee followed the man and notified the store manager, who stopped him on his way out of the store.

The manager asked him if he took anything, which he denied, but then found several movies and a knife in his pockets. The man fled from the store in a tan Toyota Camry, and headed east towards Eagle, police said.

Police found the car traveling through the Sylvan Lake roundabout, then sped into Eagle going about 50 mph above the posted 35 mph speed limit. They stopped the man on the Interstate 70 ramp heading to Eagle.

When they searched the car, police found a City Market shopping bag with unwrapped DVDs but no receipt. The man told police he bought them at Wal-Mart. Then they found more unwrapped DVDs, and he told them the same thing.

The man agreed to go back to Costco to meet the store manager, and if he identified the man as the culprit, police said they would apologize for the inconvenience. But when they arrived back at the store, the manager immediately pointed the man out as the movie thief. The suspect then apologized to police and the manager, and admitted that he stole the movies. He said it was ‘a big rush’ to steal and get away with it.

As a consequence of the man’s thrill seeking, he is not allowed in the store and police summonsed him with a class 2 misdemeanor.

The movies, which totalled $483.80, were returned to Costco.

Two other flicks the man admittedly lifted from Wal-Mart, “Trans Siberian” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbitt?” were returned as well.

DOTSERO ” The alcohol he was drinking and the passengers he was allegedly picking fights with factored into one local man’s failure to make it to Denver Nov. 5. But he did put up a fight, which also failed.

The conductor of the Amtrak train that was headed to Denver told police the man boarded the train in Grand Junction with a drink, then started arguments with passengers. He also raised his arms up with fists at the conductor when asked to go to another room on the train, according to police records.

The conductor called police who said they’d meet the train at a stop in Dotsero. When the train came to the stop, the man saw police, then jumped off the train and ran away.

Police ran after the man, but when they rounded an embankment by the stop, they saw a train employee walking towards them with the man ” and his bloody nose.

He was taken to Vail Valley Medical Center for treatment on his bashed and bloody nose, and charged with hindering transportation.

EAGLE ” For some reason, Eagle County police received a report Nov. 6 of a missing boat three months after it was lost.

Police said the owner of the 2003 Hyde fiberglass drift boat called them and said he lost the boat on the Colorado River, somewhere in the area of what he called “Rodeo Rapids” on Sept. 6.

He told police he watched it submerge in the river to the point it couldn’t be retrieved.

The next day, he saw no sign of the boat. He also wasn’t sure if it completely sank or just shattered to pieces. The value of the boat was estimated between $7,000 and $8,000.

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