Step by step: Going from good to great |

Step by step: Going from good to great

Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson, president and CEO of the Vail Valley Chamber and Tourism Bureau

It is said good often gets in the way of achieving greatness. The VVCTB takes its responsibility as the largest business organization in Eagle County seriously, and is not resting on its past achievements, settling for a philosophy of ‘good’ and preventing us from becoming great. In past columns, I’ve detailed the VVCTB’s current metamorphosis. Up to this point, the topics I’ve discussed have been concrete, tangible examples of how the VVCTB is working to become more relevant to our partners through a variety of ways.The process actually began earlier this past summer when our professional staff began an exercise to discover the organization’s core values and core purpose. We debated, discussed and finally settled on a set of guiding principals that have allowed the VVCTB to work from a solid platform as we move our efforts from the inside to the outside of our office walls. As an example of recent developments, the new organizational structure we adopted upon approval of a new set of governing bylaws, will introduce committees, council, task forces. This will not only give a greater voice to our partners (making us more effective as a result), but also allow us to develop programming that will resonance within the Vail Valley business community on all levels.With much of the foundation work under our belt, our challenge now at this juncture is likened to a car moving 65 MPH down the highway and trying to change a flat tire at the same time. While the desire to change is intense, we must balance our need to continue to provide services while exploring opportunities to become even more relevant. Last week heralded another step forward in our efforts to mean more to partners, and signaled the start of an important phase of our process.Because a great brand must understand its customer in order to stay relevant and continually evolve, the VVCTB invited an outside creative firm to conduct focus groups with partners and community members. The focus groups were designed to gauge important features such as awareness and perception of the VVCTB. The feedback gathered from these focus groups will be instrumental as we move forward in the discovery phase of our evolution as a business service organization.All great brands, like Nike, Starbucks and Coke understand that constant monitoring of product and its relevancy and ultimately, reinvention of the brand essence, is key to maintaining vitality across economic ups and downs, in good times and in not-so-good times. Even winning teams must reassess their strategy on game day to outwit the competition. For over 40 years, the VVCTB has been the Valley’s unrivaled advocate for business. The VVCTB’s new organizational structure and identity effort reflect our ongoing commitment to the business community of the greater Vail Valley to provide the services, support, and guidance expected of us. Throughout the course of the coming weeks, as our outreach to the business community continues, a representative from the VVCTB staff will be personally visiting with each partner to gather more feed-back on our current organization and vision moving forward. We will combine this feed-back with input gathered from the focus groups to discover an essence to this organization that will be evidenced in everything from our events to our program offerings and everything in between.Like all successful undertakings, it will take the engagement from our partners throughout the Valley to propel us to greatness. Great brands do not become great because of their products only they become great because of the people involved with the process. Success is typically sweetest when it’s shared. We at the VVCTB are dedicated to completing this metamorphism from good to great, and thank those businesses and individuals that have already participated, as well as those that will contribute moving forward. The renaissance throughout this region has provided the perfect environment for this effort we look forward to sharing our new “greatness” with the entire Vail Valley, and challenge all business interests within our reach, to join with us and discover the energy, commitment and invigoration of going from good to great.Michael Robinson is president/CEO of the Vail Valley Chamber & Tourism Bureau. Contact him at 476-1000.Vail, Colorado

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