Steve Gall: Neither smoke nor mirrors with Ginn |

Steve Gall: Neither smoke nor mirrors with Ginn

Steve Gall
Vail CO, Colorado

My father always told me you are only as good as your words, your deeds, and your actions. It’s a simple philosophy, but much harder to live by.

Last week I had the opportunity to meet Bobby Ginn over lunch. Ginn is the name and brains behind Ginn Resorts, which is planning to develop Battle Mountain near Minturn into a private ski area and home development. A vote on whether to uphold the town council’s unanimous decision to annex the Battle Mountain area into Minturn is set for Tuesday.

Whatever notions I may have had what a Florida developer might look or sound like were quickly dispelled. Mr. Ginn is a soft-spoken, true Southern gentleman. There was no set agenda, no real reason for the encounter other than he wanted to meet. That held up throughout our meeting. Interesting.

Due to the private setting, I was able to get to know Bobby Ginn on a more personal level over the course of two hours ” a good opportunity to judge a person’s true character.

Following the niceties of “glad to meet you” and “where do you hail from” it was time for me to get down to business. I wanted to know just why citizens of Minturn should vote to annex his project into their fair town. He didn’t resent my line of questioning but answered each and every one of them articulately and carefully. After all, he was talking to a media guy.

He gave me references from past projects, comparisons to other similar developments, reasons behind each of his decisions, and other background. The one point that stuck in my mind through the entire conversation that afternoon and subsequent ones was his notion of his company’s presence in the valley. “If we are fortunate enough to get to develop this mountain, unlike many developers, we’re here to stay.”

And that’s something of real value. Bobby Ginn appears to be in for the long haul in Minturn, not just a turn-and-burn developer. That means year-round management, year-round employment and year-round wages. The plan for Battle Mountain demonstrates admirable partnering by the Town of Minturn and Ginn and represents a personal and professional commitment that’s not always present in these kinds of projects.

Throughout the afternoon, never once did I see or feel like Bobby Ginn was pulling a smoke-and-mirrors sales pitch over on a sales guy himself.

Granted, I am not a Minturn resident and I don’t have to live with or without the results, but if I were a betting man, I’d put my dough on Ginn.

Steve Gall is publisher of the Vail Daily. Contact him at 748-2992 or

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