Sticker doesn’t rub Aspen councilman the wrong way |

Sticker doesn’t rub Aspen councilman the wrong way

Carolyn Sackariason
Aspen, CO Colorado
Naomi Havlen/The Aspen TimesAspen City Councilman Jack Johnson with a bumper sticker sent out anonymously by one of his critics.

ASPEN, Colorado ” Aspen City Councilman Jack Johnson is facing a bit of sticker shock.

While he hasn’t officially declared his bid for re-election, there is someone out there who wants Johnson out. So much so that bumper stickers have appeared in town that read “Get JACK OFF City Council … Vote for ANYONE else!”

The bumper stickers have arrived at some places via the U.S. Postal Service, and then spread through town. Envelopes have no return address, are hand-written and originate from Glenwood Springs ” although all mail sent out of Aspen is processed there.

Johnson said he first saw the bumper sticker a week ago, after it was pointed out by Jeff Novak, a local hairdresser and a friend. Apparently a bumper sticker was sent directly to him via mail.

“It’s a hoot,” Johnson said. “I thought it was funny and an honor.”

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It’s an honor because some of the town’s best politicians in recent decades have fallen victim to anonymous jabs via bumper stickers.

“I have strong opinions, and I don’t mind expressing them,” he said, adding whoever created the bumper stickers obviously doesn’t like his opinions but is too timid to come forward and disagree publicly.

Johnson said he doesn’t mind people donning the adhesive, whether they are opponents or supporters.

City Councilman Steve Skadron recently slapped a JACK OFF sticker on his bicycle.

Skadron said it was mailed to him with no return address.

“I thought it was entertaining,” he said. “It’s part of Aspen political lore, and I want a piece of it.”

Johnson, 45, said he plans to run for re-election and will officially announce next week. He was elected in 2005. Since in office, Johnson has championed affordable housing, historic preservation and slow growth, among other things.

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