Still a fabulous Fourth |

Still a fabulous Fourth

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

This seems like a hard summer to write an upbeat editorial for the Fourth of July.

Oil and gasoline prices are through the roof, the economy, if not in recession, isn’t in anything like a happy place and our country has troops in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But we’re celebrating anyway.

For all our current troubles, the United States remains the most remarkable of political experiments.

No other nation on earth looks like this. We’re a hodgepodge of immigrants from around the world, all of whom came to this country from their ancestral homes to seek a better life. And, far more often than not, they found that better life, mostly through insanely hard work and the belief that this country would allow them to achieve more than they ever would be allowed to in the Old Country.

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At the time the 56 brave men who signed the Declaration of Independence braved the gallows in a crazy effort to separate their colonies from what was then one of the preeminent military powers on the planet, no other nation on earth was founded on the principle that “all men are created equal.”

It’s that promise of equality, one that we’ve fulfilled so imperfectly, from which our country has drawn its strength.

We need to draw on our own ancestors’ strength and determination now.

We need to remember that despite our differences, there isn’t much this country can’t do when challenged.

So, in the spirit of the Fourth of July, if you have the opportunity, slap a member of Congress upside the head and tell him or her to get to work. Then take the rest of your hard-earned day off to relax, have fun, and remember that those fireworks you’re enjoying tonight represent the dazzling success of this country against all odds, and the success it can enjoy in the future, if we’ll only remember that we’ll have to earn it.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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